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The His Excellency

Theodor Kinwood, 2nd Marquis of Burvanica

Theodor Gov-Gen.png
Official portrait of Theodor Kinwood.


Governor-General of Carolusburg and Aurea


Constantine I

Preceded by:

Richard Lux Vaughn

Succeeded by:



303 AS - present


283 AS


295 AS to present


Major of the Imperial Marines Detachment, Engineer-General, Lieutenant of Cape Brianna Infantry Regiment, Member of Modena.

Theodor Kinwood, also popularly known as "TH7" (full name: Theodor Kinwood Lux ​​Bonhart Lannister) is the current Governor-General of Carolusburg. In addition, he was an extremely relevant carodian footballer who acted as a Forward, being considered by many as the Greatest of All Time, or, "GOAT". It is also noteworthy that Theodor Kinwood is the son of the eighteenth Prime Minister of the New Sarovian Empire, and, 2nd Viscount Poltava, Tsu Kinwood. His younger brother is Doss Kinwood and his other brother is Saaphirzeoth Kinwood. Theodor também é pai de Lanz Kinwood, also Theodor is the grandson of the late Governor-General Richard Lux ​​Vaughn (a former Rear Admiral of the Imperial Sarovian Navy, and, former Aurean Prince).

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life in Old Aurean Empire[edit | edit source]

Portrait of Theodor during his time in the old Aurean Empire.

Theodor Kinwood grew up in the lands of the Continent of Ostos, more precisely in present-day Minolia Province (formerly referred to as Havstad or "Aurean Bastille"). Growing up in Ostos, Theodor quickly joined the Aurean Empire which at the time was being led by the Aurean Emperor Kevlar IV Vaughn. Theodor proved to be an extremely competent member of the Aurean Empire, where he quickly rose to prominence as a member of the Old Guard Corps. Theodor served from the Fifth Aurean Empire until its annexation to the Dominion of Carolusburg.

However, Theodor would come to prominence in the Seventh Aurean Empire during the reign of His Imperial Excellency, the Aurean Emperor, Cassio I the Magnanimous. Where, Theodor gained the support of several aureans being elected as Grand Magistrate of the former Aurean House of Representatives under the banner of the Aurean Conservative Party (at the time managed by Theodor and Fergus Zuravic, but Theodor remained as leader of the party). Before Theodor became Grand Magistrate of the former Aurean House of Representatives, he would have to face a major opposition to his party, this being the Mossback Party, led at the time by Messena (also known as Ajax Artois). However, Theodor would win the support of the Aurean population and win with a majority of 26 votes in favor. Thus, Theodor would become the first democratically elected Grand Magistrate of the Aurean Empire.

During Theodor's period as Grand Magistrate of the former Aurean House of Representatives, Theodor would put his main project into practice: the Aurean Police Department (APC), which lasted for a short time due to the inability of the Aurean Empire to develop in the civilian branch due to his barbaric manner of leadership. Additionally, Theodor aided in the establishment of New Fiore (the Colonial Capital of the Aurean Empire in Estos) by recruiting many civilians to become Aureans. However, during his term, Theodor would come to prominence mainly within the former Aurean House of Lords, where most nobles would like to have Theodor as heir to their lands. But, faced with several choices, Theodor chose to follow the paths of his grandfather Richard Lux ​​Vaughn, who at the time was an Aurean Prince. Thus, Theodor would become a member of the Royal House of Lux and would be preparing to become heir to Richard Lux ​​Vaughn's lands of Albion and Galia.

Subsequently, Theodor's 1 Stefanic Year term would come to an end with Cassio I dissolving the entire House of Representatives. From that period onwards, the Seventh Aurean Empire's campaign in Estos would fail with its constant defeats under Amestria. This caused Cassio I to order the end of the expedition to Estos and the return of the Aurean Empire to Ostos. So Theodor remained in Estos and began his term as Kaiser of Phoenix.

Kaiserreich of Phoenix[edit | edit source]

We can't talk about Theodor Kinwood without first mentioning the Kaiserreich of Phoenix (also known as the Phoenix Kaiserreich). Theodor currently holds the title of Kaiser of Phoenix and is considered legitimate by former Kaiser of Phoenix, Constantine I, and former founder (currently exiled) Morian Clifford (also known as Morais Clifford). Theodor has led Phoenix on several occasions, both in Estos and Ostos in the Phoenix Foundation Corps. During his time leading Phoenix in Ostos, Theodor fought several battles against Marlin Alexandrovich and Marlin Linde (bandit organizations affiliated with the Free City of Oldenburg and the House of Artois). In addition, Theodor won the Morianite Rebellion (pretenders who called themselves the true Phoenix, however, using unrealistic arguments). Thus, Theodor retains to this day the only rightful claim to the Kaiserreich of Phoenix although he is in a dormant state in the present day.

Service in the Navy[edit | edit source]

Portraits of Theodor Kinwood in the Imperial Sarovian Navy by Leonard Vicenz and Loop Lancaster respectively.

At the time, Theodor was enlisted in the Old Guard Corps in the Aurean Empire on the Continent of Ostos along with the Bonhart Family (composed at the time of Tsu, Theodor, Doss and others). However, all of that would change when at the end of the Auro-Loganite Empire, the Aurean Emperor, Kevlar V Vaughn would invite Theodor and Tsu to an emergency meeting at the Emerald Palace in Valeroche. During the meeting, Kevlar V completely destroyed Theodor and Tsu's admiration for the Aurean Empire by accusing them without any basis or evidence of treason against the Aurean Empire. This caused both of them to enlist in the Imperial Sarovian Navy in circa 295 AS to exact revenge on Kevlar V Vaughn's tyranny.

Theodor during his initial period in the Imperial Sarovian Navy shortly before the end of the Second Saro-Aurean War, Theodor participated in and survived one of the greatest battles on the Continent of Ostos, this being the "Grand Battle of the Bastille", which took place in present-day Minolia Province. After this battle, all Aurean forces were completely destroyed and Theodor would witness the creation of the Dominion of Carolusburg, who would later become Governor-General of it. In addition, during Theodor's period in the Imperial Sarovian Navy he would reach the rank of Rear Admiral in addition to winning the record of 273 kills against Angelite Rebels, so Theodor was long considered one of the best sailors that the Imperial Sarovian Navy could have. Currently, Theodor is in the rank of Major of the Imperial Marines Detachment.

Footballer[edit | edit source]

Theodor Kinwood hoisting the 302 AS Sarholm Cup trophy.

During the beginning of football within the Commonwealth, Theodor stood out in the youth teams of FC Dufort, joining the professional team in a short time due to his great talent within the sport. Therefore, due to his high performance at FC Dufort (his favorite club) he was invited to join the Carodian National Team to represent it in international tournaments. During his career in the "Carodian Bulls", he became champion of two special editions of the Commonwealth considered as "world championships", where, Theodor won an edition of the Commonwealth Cup and also the first edition of the Sarholm Cup (which is considered a title of the Commonwealth for being the first official IFFC competition).

He spent almost his entire professional career at FC Dufort, where he is the club's top scorer (57), in addition to being twice champion of the Carodian Cup and champion of the Burvanica League (Carodian Championship), in addition to several other competitions' top scorer titles. such as the Burvanica League and Carodian Cup. In addition to these titles, Theodor was consecrated as the first carodian to receive the trophy "The Best of the Commonwealth", given by the Ministry of Culture of the New Sarovian Empire to the player who stood out among several others such as: Doss, Koji, Park, among others. In addition, Theodor as a footballer broke several records. Such as: 16 goals in a single match, and 81 goals overall as a professional footballer. Therefore, Theodor is considered as Greatest of All Time (GOAT)

Viceroy[edit | edit source]

Theodor in his uniform as Governor-General of Carolusburg in Escora Hall.

His Royal Majesty the King of Carolusburg chose Theodor Kinwood to assume this post as he was the person most committed to the development of the Dominion, according to offices of the Colonial and Commonwealth Office. During his initial period as Governor-General, Theodor established the land purchase system in addition to encouraging the growth of sports in the country, such as horse racing, where Theodor founded the Havstad Company (a company responsible for sponsoring runners of the Royal Ascot), in addition to developing Football for the Dominion together with the Ministry of Culture.

Honours[edit | edit source]

Throughout his life, Theodor Kinwood has received many different honours, decorations and titles.

  • Crowns
    • PhoenixianFlag.png Imperial Crown of Phoenix
  • Honours
    • Dominion of Carolusburg new.png Order of the Bull
  • Decorations
    • NSE Flag.png Second Saro-Aurean War Medal
    • NSE Flag.png Exemplary Service Medal
Second Saro-Aurean War Campaign Medal, Exemplary Service Medal, Order of the Bull.

Coat of Arms[edit | edit source]

Below you can see the official Coat of Arms of Theodor Kinwood as Governor-General of Carolusburg and Marquis of Burvanica containing the symbols of the Dragon of Lannister as well as the former Coat of Arms of his grandfather, the late Governor-General, Richard Lux.

Arms of Theodor Kinwood as the Marquis of Burvanica in Dominion of Carolusburg Arms of Theodor Kinwood in New Sarovian Empire