His Royal Majesty's Privy Council for Carolusburg

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The Royal Carolusburg Parliament

Governor-General Theodor Kinwood and Governor-General Richard Vaughn.

Legal status:

Non-executive advisory body




Constantine I & IX Vasa

His Royal Majesty’s Privy Council is the body of advisers to the Carodian monarch in state, constitutional and governmental matters. The Privy Councilors of the Dominion of Carolusburg are selected nobles, military officers and members of the Stefanic clergy. His Loyal Privy Council may meet once a month, to discuss the state of the Dominion, to discuss the inevitability of troublesome issues within its jurisdiction and with the King's consent. This Privy Council is set up as an advisory council and does not have the ability to produce legislation, propose bills or force the Crown to issue Royal Edicts, but it can issue binding votes which the King can veto when the Royal Parliament is dissolved.

The Privy Council of Carolusburg is chaired on a day-to-day basis by the Governor-General of Carolusburg. The Privy Council was seldom assembled by His Excellency the Duke of Burvanica, Richard Vaughn, who served as the Dominion's first Governor-General.