Kiddbrutal Kaine

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Sir Kiddbrutal Kaine, OBS


Summer, 18 AC


Summer 19 AC - present


3rd Earl Kaine, Governor-General of Philippia (2021 - present)


Vasa-Kaine cadet branch

Sir Kiddbrutal Kaine, the 3rd Earl Kaine, OBS is the current Governor-General of the Sarovian Dominion of Philippia. Born as grandson to Sir Mathiveas Kaine, 1st Earl Kaine OSE, Kiddbrutal Kaine was the son of his father of the same name who served as the Prime Minister to the New Sarovian Empire in 2018. Sir Kiddbrutal served as a senior officer in the Imperial Army and Imperial Navy throughout the Restoration Campaigns and other military activities.

Honours[edit | edit source]

The Order of the Black Sun, the Star of Carolus, the Imperial Star of Service, the Cross of Valour, the Volunteer's Cross, the Exemplary Service Medal, the Victory Cross.