Dominion of Philippia

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Dominion of Philippia

Pesitpais eui Philippia

The flag of the Dominion of Philippia.

Charter of Sovereignty:

April 17th, 2021 (280 AS)






Carolus I


Sir Jafar al-Assad OSE

Prime Minister:



Philippian Lira

The Dominion of Philippia or just Philippia is a country located on the Continent of Orios, close to the Remerra Saroviano (Sarovian colonization in Boreas). It is worth mentioning that, Philippia is the oldest Sarovian Dominion, and, the largest country in Orios. As a developed country, Philippia was the first country to create the concept of civilian jobs, which would boost the local economy. At the national level, legislative authority is vested in a bicameral Parliament just like its mother country, the New Sarovian Empire, while executive political power is exercised by the Government. Carolus I is the king of the country and is represented by the Governor-General, Duc Albaros Vasa. The current Prime Minister of the dominion is D. Jafar al-Assad, AIS. The Dominion of Philippia is a member of the Commonwealth, and of the Congress of Saropolis, where the borders of the world were decided on September 24, 2021. The Philippian Royal Parliament is the legislature for Philippia and contains two houses, the House of Commons and the Assembly of Peers. The Assembly of Peers is shared between Philippia's parliament and the parliament of the New Sarovian Empire. Philippia's currency is the Philippian lira which is pegged 100 liras to 1 saro.

History[edit | edit source]

The Dominion of Philippia was established by the Charter of Sovereignty for the Dominon of Philippia by Emperor Constantine IX on April 17th, 2021. At its founding, Prime Minister Jafar al-Assad was appointed the first Prime Minister of Philippia. Philippia's first election occurred on June 15th, 2021 with Prime Minister Jafar al-Assad, a member of the Hats Party, being the first elected Prime Minister of Philippia. The two parties, the Hats and the Caps, made an agreement of confidence and supply which allowed Jafar al-Assad to become Prime Minister despite not having a majority in parliament. The first Royal Parliament passed laws concerning the organization of the army and establishment of civil and military laws in Philippia. Philippia's second election in July of 2021 would lead to another Caps majority. The agreement of confidence and supply would continue and allow for Prime Minister Jafar al-Assad to continue serving. On August 1st, 2021, the Royal Parliament passed the Capital Act which moved the capital from Philipville to Rachaelsburg.

In July, Philippia fought the Thurwick Rebellion which composed of natives and Sarovian defectors. After a series of battles, the Thurwick were routed back north of the Saabre river. The assassination of the rebel leader Christopher Carnehan would be the final blow to the Thurwick rebellion. On August 1st, the Capital Act was passed and gained ascent which changed the capital to Rachaelsburg. Previously, Rosendal Palace served as the nation's de facto capital in place of Philipville as stated in the Charter of Sovereignty.

The Charter of Sovereignty for Philippia which founded Philippia as a state.
The Charter of Sovereignty for Philippia which founded Philippia as a state.

In the election of August 2021, the Hats Party won a majority in the Royal Parliament which allowed for the Prime Minister Jafar al-Assad to serve without an agreement of confidence and supply between the two parties. In the election of September 2021, the Berets party was formed and won all the sets in the Royal Parliament. They have had all the seats since September 2021 up to December

2021. On August, the Dominion of Philippia and the Republic of Metternau began the Metternauian Bush War. The result of the war would be a Sarovian victory after a naval invasion at Torchill Heights which opened the way for the rebel capital to be captured on the 17th of November. A week later, the Treaty of Gillsbury would be signed between the New Sarovian Empire and the Dominion of Philippia with the newly-found Grand Duchy of Gillia and officially ending the war.

In December, the Dominion's founder and first Prime Minister, Jafar al-Assad, resigned and was replaced by a coalition known as the Commonwealth Federalists, led by Admiral Ridgeway. This resignation did not last long, as the Dominion's founder returned in early 2022.