Caps Party

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Parti eui Bonis

Caps Party

The badge of the Caps Party.

Party Leader:

Tsu Kinwood

Chief Whip:

Gabriel Lannister




275 AS

The Caps Party, also referred to as the International Caps Party (in High Sarovian: Parti eui Bonis), is one of the main political parties of the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions, along with its rival: the Hats Party. It is the current government party having won the General Elections of 302 AS, where, after the end of the first term, under the command of Party Leader Tsu Kinwood, the party managed to be re-elected in a historic election of the current electoral system. Thus, the Caps Party has been in power for 4 Stefanic Years (equivalent to 4 months, that is, from February to June). The Caps Party in addition to focusing on the homeland in Estos, the party is also present in the Dominion of Carolusburg being led by Gustavo Kinwood with the support of the Party Leader in Estos. On top of that, the Caps Party currently owns 15/19 seats in House of Commons.

Since its founding, the Caps Party had to face its main rival - the Hats Party, which for a long time won elections by the Caps Party. Until, the Hats, led by Sir Koji Campbell, almost destroyed the stability of the Sarovian government. Therefore, the people chose to choose a party that promised a "future to believe in". Thus, the Caps destroyed the Hats' hold on the Government by electing one of the finest Prime Ministers New Sarovia has ever had. This being Tsu Kinwood.

History[edit | edit source]

Foundation[edit | edit source]

Caps Party was officially created in 275 AS through the Charter of the Imperial Parliament, 2020. Initially, the party was led by Dame Katherine Vasa, the Viscountess Silvestre, who during 2020 to 2021 managed to win several (non-consecutive) general elections. All these victories put the Caps at the top. Until, the Hats would rise again under a new leader, this being: Sir Charles Itteus, 2nd Earl Kaine. During this time, Sir Itteus saw the Hats rise and receive great support from the population as a whole. Until, all that effort would be thrown away when Sir Koji Campbell OSE took over as Prime Minister after defeating Alucard Linx in the historic General Election of 299 AS.

Current days[edit | edit source]

After the failure of Sir Koji Campbell OSE to exercise his function as Prime Minister of the New Sarovian Empire, the population revolted against the way in which the caps governed. This meant that in the General Election of 302 AS, Tsu Kinwood, responsible for leading the Caps in the Continent of Estos, was elected by the people and put the government back on track, where several cultural institutions and notable sporting developments were created.