Charter of the Imperial Parliament, 2020

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Act of Succession, 2018


No.1 of 2020

Assented to:

28th of November, 2020

Enacted by:

Imperial Parliament



The Charter of the Imperial Parliament is the byproduct of the Sarovian Constitution which says that the Parliament will be governed by a specified charter. The Charter reaffirms that it does not break the Constitution and reaffirms the makeup of the Parliament, the House of Commons and Assembly of Peers. It states no more than 11 Peers may be at one single sitting, and allows the Speaker to vote in the event of a tie. The law also mentions the two most dominant political parties, the Hats and the Caps, and how to register new political parties. The Act goes over the powers of the Parliament, including financial, urban development, property, criminal and civil code, social and cultural, foreign policy and military powers. The law also outlies the procedure for Constitutional amendment and the procedure of the Parliament. The law says that a majority vote is only 51% in most cases, and a quorum of 25% is needed for a session of the House of Commons or Assembly of Peers to be considered vaid.

The law also confirms the procedure for debate. A member who wishes to propose something needs to have the support of at least one member. The person who proposes the law can speak for five minutes, and anyone who opposes it can speak for five minutes. The supporting member then can speak for seven minutes, followed by opposing voices for seven minutes. A vote must be held after.