Imperial Parliament

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The Imperial Parliament

Legal status:

Bicarmel legislative assembly


2020 (modern), 2016 (Sarovian Senate), 2017 (Sarovian Rikstag)


Constantine IX Vasa

The Imperial Parliament is the main legislative body of the New Sarovian Empire as well as Crown Colonies. Parliament assembles in the House of Commons and Borhaus Palace in Sarholm, New Sarovia. Parliament holds legislative authority and supremacy over all organisations and institutions other than the Crown. As such, Parliament functions off of a privilege system: the House of Commons and the Assembly of Peers are both given the ability to meet and legislate at the Crown's pleasure. In actuality, however, the Crown seldom interfers with the Parliament. Most often, the Crown acts on the advice of His Loyal Government, particularly His Cabinet and His Prime Minister.

The Imperial Parliament consists of two chambers: the House of Commons and the Assembly of Peers. The House of Commons consists of nineteen seats which are elected by the people of New Sarovia in individual ridings and elections. The Assembly of Peers consist of members of the Sarovian aristocracy with either membership into a Sarovian order of chivalry or those who possess a noble title. These two combine to form the Imperial Parliament, which are responsible for the day-to-day governing of the Empire.