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Sarholm City

The Coat of Arms of the Sarholm City

Lord of Sarholm:

John, Prince of Kiev



Sarholm City was founded at the end of 2017 and to this day is the biggest player city in Graal history. The City is the capital of the New Sarovian Empire and represents the great development of the Empire. The City is governed by the Lord of Sarholm, John Vasa, who looks after the development and prosperity of its residents.

The City has several buildings that are used by both the Government and the Army. In addition, Sarholm City has already faced a major fire in which it lost several buildings, but, with the renovation of the city, its size has doubled and it has more properties than before.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Victoria Way[edit | edit source]

Modena Way[edit | edit source]

  • Aeolus-Walker Burial Gronds, 1 Modena Way
  • Old Lyon Hall, 2 Modena Way
  • Estate of the Princess of Kiev, 3 Modena Way
A Comprehensive Atlas of the City of Sarholm.

Dallarna Way[edit | edit source]

Vasa Road[edit | edit source]

  • Bravat Parade Square, 1 Vasa Road
  • Leyndell Hall, 2 Vasa Road
  • Primus Hall, 3 Vasa Road

Majis Street[edit | edit source]

Charles Avenue[edit | edit source]

Fairfax Avenue[edit | edit source]

  • Lyon Metroplex, 1 Fairfax Avenue
  • Duke of Poltava Ballroom, 2 Fairfax Avenue
  • Train Station and Pub, 3 Fairfax Avenue
  • Conde's Photography Studio, 4 Fairfax Avenue
  • Estate of the Viscountess Silvestre, 5 Fairfax Avenue

Atlas Road[edit | edit source]

  • Atlas Barracks, 1 Atlas Road
  • Walker Barracks, 2 Atlas Road
  • Kiba Barracks, 3 Atlas Road
  • Dozers Barracks, 4 Atlas Road
  • Kinwood Library, 5 Atlas Road

Imperial Avenue[edit | edit source]

  • St. Constantine's Cathedral, 1 Imperial Avenue
  • Fairfax Manor, 2 Imperial Avenue
  • Luxford Estate, 3 Imperial Avenue
  • Temlar Estate, 4 Imperial Avenue
  • Castro Audience Hall, 5 Imperial Avenue

Bellwood Road[edit | edit source]

  • Imperial Quartermaster's, 1 Bellwood Road
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, 2 Bellwood Road
  • Bellwood Battlefield, 3 Bellwood Road
  • Carolus Memorial Parade Square, 4 Bellwood Road
  • Alves Training Camp, 5 Bellwood Road