Act of Succession, 2018

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Act of Succession, 2018


No.7 of 2018

Assented to:

13th of September, 2018

Enacted by:

Imperial Parliament


19th of November, 2021

The Act of Succession of 2018 simply goes into more detail about the laws of the succession of the monarch. The Constitution says that the monarch must meet the criteria of this law. This law reinforces the policy of "absolute primogeniture", which essentially says that the eldest child of the current monarch is next in line, regardless of gender. The only exception to this is if the monarch invests another child as Prince of Kiev, which immediately puts them as the current heir. The law also examines how a new monarch will be announced and the titles of heirs.

There are other conditions to be the monarch. The holder of the title of King of the Sarovians must not be a member of a cadet branch of the family (Vasa-Kaine, Vasa-Nassau, etc), they cannot have already have abdicated, they cannot be a wife or husband of a Vasa, they cannot hold another nation as their primary title (they must make it under Sarovia), they cannot be a bastard child, and they cannot be from the Aurean or Jacobite kings lineage.