Stefanic ages and the calendar

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Calendar and Ages

The official standard of the Stefanic Church


Urban Calendar

Year length:

1 month = 1 Stefanic year

In a Papal Bull known as the Pervenit ad Nostram Operam, or the Bull of Declaration of the Institution of the Urban Calendar, the New Sarovian Empire and other countries agreed to use the Urban Calendar in 290 AS. The bull text reads as follows:

It has come to our attention that the most August Members of the College of Cardinals have devised a “Stefanic Calendar”. This Calendar, meant to give the Graal Military Community its wwn, unique dating system as opposed to forcing it to use the real-life dating systems in what can only be described as a case of rabid unoriginality unbefitting of a community such as ours. Therefore I hereby, as Pope of the Stefanic See, on this day declare to be doctrine of the faith the Institution of the Urban Calendar, to be used henceforth by all nations and peoples which keep the Faith of the Lord and her One, Holy, Stefanic And Apostolic Church. This Calendar, which can be found below, is dated from the Creation of the World by The Lord, henceforth to be known as Year 1 Anno Stefani - “In The Year Of Our Lord Stefan”.

The Urban Calendar.

The calendar works by dating the day and the year together, forfeitting a month. For example, the 26th of January 2023 would be the 26th of 301 Anno Stefani.

Ages[edit | edit source]

In Sarovian law, intertwined with common Church doctrine, there are various ages of which a person can be depending on how long one has existed for. The purpose of this is to give a common age to members and determine ages of mandatory retirement of individuals.

This does not necessarily equate to a physical or mental age, but rather an age of wisdom and spiritual guidance. The longer one has lived, the more connected to Stefan they are. The Church considers anything past 55 Stefanic years of age to be unnatural and Sarovian law often forces those who are to pass away and begin anew, or give new generations a chance.

Members are considered "minors" if they are under the age of 10 Stefanic years, but this does not seem to change much in Sarovian law. Members are allowed to vote at any Stefanic age, join the Army or Government, etc. There have been debates on whether or not an age of majority should exist for Prime Ministers. There does exist a cap on minors of the Imperial House of Vasa who, if they are under the age of the majority (10 Stefanic years), another family member serves as their Regent until majority.

10 Stefanic years = 20 years old

20 Stefanic years = 35 years old

30 Stefanic years = 55 years old

40 Stefanic years = 75 years old

50 Stefanic years = 95 years old