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Royo-dà-Conseili (RdC)


Privy Council Charter

Legal Status:

Executive decision-making


Members of the Privy Council


Carolus XIII

The Royo-dà-Conseili, or also called of the King-in-Council is the technical term in constitutional law for the exercise of executive authority in a Commonwealth Realm, dnoting the monarch acting by and with the advice and consent of his HIM Privy Council or executive council (in most other Commonwealth Realms and the Sarovian Dominions). In the Dominions and Commonwealth Realms where the powers and functions of the sovereign are delegated to a governor-general, the term Gouvernad-Leddór-dà-Conseili can be used instead of Royo-dà-Conseili, all of these terms describing the same technical process within constitutional law. The government of [jurisdiction] is commonly used as a synonym for any of the aforementioned terms, although the phrase can mean more than one thing in certain areas.

An order made by the Royo-dà-Conseili is known as Order-in-Council and such actions are subject to judicial review. Orders in council can be used to implement secondary legislation such as Sarovian legal instruments. In practice, decisions made by the Royo-dà-Conseili are almost always formal approval of decisions made by the cabinet, a subcommittee of the privy or executive council that includes the Crown's senior ministers and often meets without the monarch or his local representative. representative present.

The Sarovian Dominions and Commonwealth Realms often maintain a similar constitutional concept.

The term is mainly applied to meetings of His Imperial Majesty and the Cabinet wherein matters of national importance are decided.The HIM Privy Council meets usually once a week, on Monday, at Leda Palace. His Imperial Majesty chairs the meetings or if he is absent, the Prince of Kiev shall.

When the Government passes a law, commissions an officer, appoints someone to a position or implements a policy, it must gain the sanction and approval of the monarch. This is almost always done. As such, all actions taken by the Government are done in the name of the monarch. This is usually known as "Majis", or "Majesty", as in "This law/policy has been approved by the Majesty of the Emperor.", in High Sarovian: "Sanas dichosse, çuran cotsareim pul lan legeiela, sica concorim pur tel Majis do Royo y Imperad."