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Parti eui Chapis

Hats Party

The badge of the Hats Party.

Party Leader:

Scaebberd, Baron Temlar

Chief Whip:





275 AS

The Hats Party, also known as the International Hats Party (in High Sarovian: Parti eui Chapis) is one of the main political parties of the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions, alongside its main rival: the Caps Party. The Hats are the current opposition of the Sarovian government under the administration of the Caps, and have as their leader the Lord-Speaker and Baron Temlar, Scaebberd. The Hats currently own 4/19 seats of the House of Commons.

History[edit | edit source]

Foundation[edit | edit source]

The Hats Party was officially created in 275 AS through the Charter of the Imperial Parliament, 2020. Initially, the party was led by Rachael who could not lead the party to victories, thus always acting as a strong opposition to the Caps government. However, once Sir Henry Vasa joined the party, the hats completely changed direction with the creation of strong patriotic propaganda and exposing the atrocities of the Hats. This made the Sarovian population start to support the Hats, being this, the majority of supporters of Lusophone Sarovia.

Lusophones were extremely important for the growth of hats, which for a long time became known as: "The Lusophone Party". During this period of strong campaigns and propaganda, the leader of the party at the time, Leg Ironside in 2021 would become the first Brazilian Prime Minister of the New Sarovian Empire.

The Golden Age[edit | edit source]

For a long time, the Hats Party completely destroyed the influence of the Caps in politics, who became known in the general population for being a corrupt and leftist group (as many Sarovians had conservative political views). During this period, we had Prime Ministers such as His Imperial Highness, the Prince of Kiev, John Vasa, who was elected thanks to the support of the Hats. But, above all, what completely changed the influence of the Hats was Sir Charles Itteus Kaine, who, by many, even today, is considered one of the best Prime Ministers the Empire has ever had..

During Sir Charles Itteus Kaine's term as leader of the hats and Prime Minister, the New Sarovian Empire won the Jacobite Rebellion and the Second Saro-Aurean War. This undoubtedly conquered the hearts of the entire population who became supporters of the Hats. However, a bitter future would be waiting for the Hats after the end of the mandate of Sir Charles Itteus and his departure from the party.

Current Days[edit | edit source]

After Sir Koji Campbell's victory in the historic General Election of 299 AS, the Hats Party completely burned out and completely sunk its image. All this due to errors and glaring flaws in the government of Hats from 299 to 302 AS. This caused the Caps to rise again and assume leadership of the government again under Tsu Kinwood who has remained in government from 302 AS to the present day. Currently, the party is led by Baron Temlar, who would later become Lord-Speaker of the Assembly of Peers.