Second Saro-Aurean War (2022)

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The Second Saro-Aurean War

The frame of Surrender of the Imperial Landwehr Corps


17 July 2022 - 16 August 2022


New Sarovian Empire and Aurean Empire


Sarovian Victory
• End of Aurean Hegemony in Ostos
• Annexation of the Aurean Territories

Political changes:

The New Sarovian Empire destroys the Aurean threat by annexing all its territories, in addition to enacting the end of an era, ending the Aurean hegemony in Ostos. In addition, the Dominion of Carolusburg was created, considered the rightful successor to the Aurean Empire.

After the destruction of the Aurean Empire in a failed campaign into Estos with the aim of establishing colonies, the Aurean Empire along with the New Sarovian Empire sought a moment of relative "peace" with the aim of developing the Stefanic Faith under a unified church. Although New Sarovia and the Aurean Empire are located on completely different continents, the New Sarovian Empire has always tried to seek to help the Aurean Empire, in addition to rescuing them during the Amestrian invasion. But arrogance and pride lived in the heart of Kevlar V Vaughn.

History[edit | edit source]

The Auro-Loganite Empire[edit | edit source]

Kevlar V Vaughn, along with some members of his General Staff, left "secretly" at night from the city of Valeroche (currently known as Escora) and sailed towards Estos where they would meet an enemy faction of the New Sarovian Empire, the Loganites. Upon arriving in Estos, Kevlar entered a private room with Logan, the head of the Loganite faction (a rebel group from the Grand Kingdom of the State) where they talked for hours. Until finally, Kevlar together with Logan announce something shocking: a union between the Aurean Empire and the loganite faction, decreeing the Auro-Loganite Empire. The Aurea Empire would become the Principality of Aurea while the Loganite faction would become the Grand Duchy of the Loganite. This obviously angered His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, Constantine IX & III, as Kevlar would be conspiring against him to help his enemies. Thus, not long after, the New Sarovian Empire issued an Act of Declaration of War against the Auro-Loganite Empire. Thus starting the Second Saro-Aurean War.

Initial Retaliation of the Imperial Sarovian Navy[edit | edit source]

A map of the New Sarovian Empire's colonies and occupied regions, drawn by the Admiralty of the Navy during the start of the Second Saro-Aurean War

After the New Sarovian Empire declared war on the Auro-Loganite Empire, the Imperial Sarovian Navy was called in to directly confront the Aurean Empire, now the Principality of Aurea. The Imperial Navy docked at the former Colony of Carolusburg where it quickly launched a surprise invasion of the Aurea territories of Olivie, Bastille and Verdun. Where with extreme ease the forces of the Imperial Navy managed to obtain several victories without any initial resistance from the Aureans. In turn, the Imperial Sarovian Navy established an exclusion zone giving a chance of survival to all Aureans who took Westling's first ship and sailed towards Estos where they would be imprisoned in the tower of leda and would pay for their criminal acts. But, the Aureans refused to follow this Exclusion Zone and tried to launch offensives against Sarovians (although they refused to recognize the territories conquered by Sarovia), but, the Aureans were easily defeated and the Imperial Sarovian Navy occupied new regions.

With the great advance of the Imperial Navy, the former Commodore Ajax Artois-Avidius, OSE, together with the Admiralty, established a map of the new regions occupied by the New Sarovian Empire as well as the new colonies. Another important point to be noted is that initially, the Imperial Sarovian Navy refused to attack the province of Albion from the Aurea Empire, as it was the former lands of the late Rear Admiral, Richard Lux ​​Vaughn, during his period as Aurean Lord. But, in the future all that would change since Aurea would prove to be extremely hostile towards Richard, totally disrespecting his history and defaming the New Sarovian Empire.

The Beginning of the Collapse[edit | edit source]

While the Principality of Aurea was fighting the Imperial Sarovian Navy in Ostos, the Imperial Landwehr Corps of the Auro-Loganite Empire led by the Loganites was experiencing some internal problems. These problems would be the superiority of the Aureans in relation to the Loganite nation, which for their men, was a disrespect to the Loganite population. But, to the dismay of the soldiers commanded by Kevlar V Vaughn and Logan, the General Staff refused to listen to several letters of demands.

Shortly thereafter, the Free City of Oldenburg led by Christian Artois-Avidius, challenged the Auro-Loganite Empire to a battle. An extremely provocative battle with an extremely bold gamble: : if Oldenburg lost, they would give Destiny North and South to Aurea. Kevlar was seen seemingly accepting the battle before giving up when allies were mentioned. But when the time for the Kevlar battle came, Vulnus and other members of Aurea refused to accept the battle. The Holy League, then led by guilds such as Sarovia, Nekron, Oldenburg and others, decided to take all of the Grail's towers as a show of strength as the Aurean officers debated going to war. After a majority of the officers voted in favor of a battle, Emperor Aurean refused to fight. A small detachment of Aureans led by Lieutenant Jaxson gathered in the War Room of the GMC and was quickly defeated by the Holy League.

Due to these internal problems in addition to the humiliation suffered by the Commonwealth, the 2nd Grenadier Regiment of the Imperial Landwehr Corps of the Auro-Loganite Empire engaged in a mutiny, thus disregarding the orders of its General Staff and going into a direct confrontation against the Imperial Sarovian Army in Estos, thus they were decimated by Sarovia. Shortly thereafter, the Loganite General Staff would release a letter announcing that the Loganite Grand Duchy would be separating from the Auro-Loganite Empire, thus leaving only the Aurean Empire, isolated and destroyed.

Proclamation of the Dominion of Carolusburg[edit | edit source]

The Proclamation of the Dominion of Carolusburg.
The Grand Battle of the Bastille, 25/07/2022

After the decline of the Auro-State Empire, Kevlar and the remaining members of the Aurean House of Lords turned their attention to Ostos where with a major offensive they managed to recover most of their former territories. But, all that would change when the Imperial Sarovian Navy returned stronger, with new people, with more will to destroy its enemies. Thus, the Imperial Sarovian Navy in a historic mobilization of 25 to 35 Sailors, attacked the North Island of the Aurean Empire starting with the Bastille Province, where from there they attacked all other regions of the Aurean Empire and made them retreat to the Forest of Arbora (formerly Albion), where the Aurean forces along with the Aurean Emperor Kevlar V Vaughn himself surrendered and were captured.

Thus, Kevlar V Vaughn and his General Staff were captured and taken to the HIMS Westling that would sail that same day towards Estos to take Kevlar and his companions to the Tower of Leda, where there, Kevlar could try to make an official peace treaty . But, before Kevlar was taken to prison, he along with his General Staff saw the New Sarovian Empire and its Imperial Sarovian Navy and most importantly His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX, proclaim the Dominion of Carolusburg on the South Island of Ostos.

Treaty of Leda[edit | edit source]

Signing of the Treaty of Leda.

The days passed. Kevlar was about to die in the Tower of Leda if he didn't sign a Peace Treaty. Kevlar knew he would be putting every member of his staff at risk if he didn't try to sign an agreement with His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX. However, a Guard from the Blue Guard Corps of the New Sarovian Empire, delivered a letter to Kevlar which brought news of the separation of the Loganites from the Aurean Empire, where the Loganites blamed the Aureans for poor leadership and an attempt to colonize them. Thus, Kevlar advised that he would be willing to sign an agreement with His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX. But before that, the Blue Guard Corps guards took Kevlar to his Imperial office so that he could write his official pronouncement regarding the separation of the Loganites. Thus, Kevlar issued Imperial Address No.1 blaming the Loganites for the failure of the Empire in Estos.

On the same day that Kevlar Vaughn released his pronouncement, His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX, invited him to Leda Palace along with the former Aurea Prince, Arnold Avidius, who together with Kevlar Vaughn signed the Treaty of Leda.

Aurea breaks the Treaty of Leda[edit | edit source]

On 4 August 2022, the Aurean Emperor Kevlar informed the New Sarovian Empire that they would no longer pay reparations nor adhere to the rest of the Treaty of Leda unless the Sarovian Government apologized for endorsing so-called allegations that he blackmailed and was complicit in the doxxing of many members of the Lucero family. The Government under Prime Minister Ittebrutal immediately ordered the Imperial Sarovian Navy to attack Aurea's territories in the west and decisively defeat them. Declaring war on the only Aurean member who went online, the Imperial Navy took all of Aurea's northern islands with minimal resistance.

Since then, the Aurean Empire has fought several skirmishes against the New Sarovian Empire and the Dominion of Carolusburg. Furthermore, Aurea tried to officially invade the Colony of Westling of the New Sarovian Empire but her troops were completely destroyed by the New Sarovian Empire. Since then, the Aurean Empire has been trying to attack the Sarovain provinces in Ostos and completely disregarding the authority of the Holy Stefanic See.

Annexation of the Aurean Empire to the Dominion of Carolusburg[edit | edit source]

Coronation of Constantine IX as Aurean Emperor

After the great defeats that the Aurean Empire would be suffering, its Lords together with the Former Aurean Emperor, Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn, fled to the Dominion of Carolusburg to proclaim Constantine IX as: Constantine I the Aurean Emperor. To reinforce this, the former Aurea Emperor, Cassius I, wrote the Act of Reclamation and Relinquishment making Constantine IX the rightful Aurean Emperor. From this, Constantine combined the titles of King of Carolusburg with the title of Aurean Emperor, thus creating the title of Royo eui Carodia y Aurea, making the Dominion of Carolusburg the legitimate successor of the Aurean Empire.

With the annexation of the Aurean Empire to the Dominion of Carolusburg, the Second Saro-Aurean War comes to an end with the victory of the New Sarovian Empire and the Dominion of Carolusburg over Aurean forces. But, this conflict would be far from over and would extend to the Angelite Rebellion.