Angelite Rebellion

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The Angelite Rebellion

The frame of the Angelite Surrender


07 October 2022 - 30 January 2023


New Sarovian Empire and Dominion of Carolusburg


Saro-Carodian victory
• Angelite Faction Destroyed
• Death of Angel Gatz

Political changes:

Sarovia and Carodia destroy the Angelite faction, thus eliminating any false claimants to the Aurean throne.

On October 07, 2022, after a month without suffering attacks due to the defeat of the Aurean Empire in the Second Saro-Aurean War, a threat would arise again.

The Context[edit | edit source]

After the defeat of the Aurean Empire in the Second Saro-Aurean War, the former Aurean House of Lords (current Carodian Assembly of Peers) fled the Aurean lands for the newly created Dominion of Carolusburg which looked promising in the eyes of the Aurean Lords. Upon arrival in Carolusburg, the former Aurean Lords along with the former Aurean Emperor Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn, gathered at the Church in the former province of Niége (currently known as Western Church Land), where Constantine IX was officially crowned as the Aurean Emperor. Thus, the Dominion of Carolusburg would become the legitimate successor of the Aurean Empire, implementing the Vasa Dynasty under the old rival of the New Sarovian Empire, enacting the end of the Aurean hegemony.

The First Angelite Attack in Ostos, where they were easily defeated by Commonwealth forces.

The First Attack[edit | edit source]

ut, it all directly hurt Kevlar Vaughn's ego and pride. So Kevlar wrote a false document handing over his supposed claims to the Aurean throne to Angel Gatz. Thus, putting it in Angel's mind that he would be the "Aurean Emperor". However, as the false Angel Empire collapsed, the Dominion of Carolusburg (the real Aurea) would be developing technologically and militarily alongside its parent nation, the New Sarovian Empire. Even so, Angel was completely blind with rage and jealousy. Then, Angel along with a group of mercenaries, on October 7, 2022, would attack the forces of the New Sarovian Empire and Carodia-Aurea in a stupid attempt to try to regain his throne. Angel and his mercenaries launched a surprise invasion of the province of Minolia (known as Havstad). In response, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Constantine IX ordered the mass mobilization of the Sarovian Commonwealth, thus 20 people would unite under the banner of the Imperial Sarovian Navy to fight against Angel Gatz's mercenaries (the Angelites). After more than 4 hours of fighting, His Holiness Pope Clement I was called to mediate the battle, and after reviewing the screenshots sent in by both sides, the Pope decided that the Commonwealth had won the battle. Afterwards, Angel repeatedly insulted the Pope and the Church, and due to his faction having done so in the past, the Pope decided to unceremoniously excommunicate him, putting an end to the dispute over the title of Holy Western Emperor and the Aurean throne, which would be recognized as the rightful property of Constantine I.

Skirmishes[edit | edit source]

The Angelites led by the rebel Angel Gatz were proud to the point of not recognizing the borders of the New Sarovian Empire and the Dominion of Carolusburg (Carodia-Aurea). Thus, most of the battles were the result of skirmishes carried out by the Angelites during Saro-Carodian patrols through the Empire's colonial territories and the Dominion lands. Many skirmishes were fought between the Angelite Faction and the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions. But during these skirmishes, an Angelite Lord known as Azerius Henri refused to follow the ruleset of ostos recognized by the Holy Stefanic See and His Holiness, the Pope Clement I. This was a grave insult to the Stefanic Faith, causing the Pope to excommunicate Azerius from the church (later Angel would also be excommunicated for committing various offenses to the pope).

The Surrender[edit | edit source]

The Angelites internally elected their First Minister, an Angelite Lord known as Fergus Zuravic. Fergus, when assembling his Cabinet, chose Hizack Saint-Spadar as his Minister of Defense responsible for the entire military force of the faction. Shortly thereafter, Hizack Saint-Spadar together with the rebel Angel Gatz initiated a plan to try one last offensive against the Commonwealth to try to regain lost glory. Unfortunately for the Angelites, the New Sarovian Empire alongside its sister nation the Dominion of Carolusburg (Carodia-Aurea) fought valiantly against the Angelites eliminating all remaining threat. From there, Hizack Saint-Spadar along with Angel recognized the humiliating defeat they suffered in Belmont, New Sarovia.

Days later, the angelite government would succumb internally. Thus, seeing the failure in which the faction found itself, the Minister of Defense, Hizack Saint-Spadar, found himself obliged to sign the Act of Surrender of the Angelite Government. Thus, recognizing the Dominion of Carolusburg as the rightful successor to the Aurea Empire as well as the Commonwealth's victory. Thus, Hizack Saint-Spadar along with the Iron Guard Corps surrendered to the Saro-Carodian forces in addition to delivering a CNY as a gift to Vice-Admiral Sir John Vasa, the Prince of Kiev. In addition, the Iron Guard Corps handed over the color of the former Old Guard Corps to the Dominion of Carolusburg which has now become the Royal Militia of Carolusburg. Thus, the war against the angelite faction came to an end with the total inactivity of the other angelite forces.