King of Carolusburg and Aurea (title)

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Royo eui Carodia y Aurea

King of the Carodia and Aurea

The Crown of the Auro-Carodian King


His Royal Majesty, the King of the Auro-Carodia

First Monarch:

Kevlar I Vaughn
(Aurean Empire)

Current Monarch:

Constantine I


Escora Province, Royal Emerald Palace, 1 Old Valeroche

The title of Royo eui Carodia y Aurea (King of the Carodia and Aurea or King of the Dominion of Auro-Carodia) is one of the oldest titles of the Continent of Ostos. The title of King of Carodia-Aurea arose in the former Aurean Empire (before its annexation to the Dominion of Carolusburg), which was known as: Aurean Emperor and Father of the Aureans (in French: Aurean Empereur et Père des Aureans. In Sarovian language: Aurean Imperad y Pazietella eui do Aureans).

History[edit | edit source]

Aurean Empire[edit | edit source]

In 2016, the Aurean Emperor Kevlar I reigned under the First Aurean Empire, who, during his reign established the Aurean Imperial Court whose Lords (the Aurean nobles) were given powers similar to government officials. Although a government in the Aurean Empire was something barbaric and feudal, the Crown of the Aurean Empire remained faithful to the Vaughn Dynasty. At that time, the Aurean Empire was active on the Continent of Estos, with the City of York as its capital, known as Old Valeroche. However, due to the instability of the Aurean Empire in Estos and its difficulty in leadership, the Aurean Emperor Kevlar I Vaughn ordered the ships HEWS Ironclad and HEWS Sovereign to set sail for Ostos to establish the first Aurean colonies.

After the failure of the Aurean Empire to campaign Estos, Aurean Emperor Kevlar I passed away, and his heir Kevlar II Vaughn assumed the Emerald Throne. During the Second Aurean Empire, this time in Ostos, Kevlar II established a proper government creating the noble House of Lords, thus naming what would be the first Ministers of the Aurean Empire. The Empire of Kevlar II was extremely promising for Aurea, even developing technologically and industrially. In addition to civilizing the populations of the South Island of the Continent. However, even though Kevlar II was a good Emperor for the Aurean people, he made a very serious mistake when he tried to attack a Sarovian garrison on a patrol through Gaston Hill (currently known as: Northern Territory). During the Aurean attack on the Sarovian garrison, a sailor known as Michael (later to become Michael Vasa-Vaughn), shot the Aurean Emperor Kevlar II Vaughn who would be riding his beautiful white horse. At that same moment, Kevlar II, already dead, fell from his horse, decreeing the tragic end of the Second Empire.

Time passed and the Aurean House of Lords established in the Second Empire, gathered in the city of Valeroche (currently referred to as Escora), where, the Aurean Lords according to the imperial lineage found a distant heir of Kevlar II, thus Kevlar III Vaughn was crowned as the Third Aurean Emperor implementing the Third Aurean Empire. So it came as no surprise when the Third Aurean Empire came to be revered as the Third Golden Age by all who lived during its time. His Imperial Excellency signed the Imperial Edict nº 4 into force, initiating the relocation of the Imperial Capital from Old Valeroche of Yorke in Estos, to the province of Valeroche in Ostos, with the city of Fiore as the center of the Aurean government; a move that came as an immense shock to the international community, but widespread praise from its people. Across the ocean, the Aurean population prospered, making groundbreaking advances in all areas of national advancement, coining the first functional economy seen on either continent, expanding the Aurean Imperial Government, creating the Aurean House of Representatives, comprised of Magistrates elected by the aurean population to represent each province of the Empire, in addition to the Grand Magistrate who was elected in Valeroche to lead the Chamber. As well as the Great Imperial Army of the Aurean Empire, among many other achievements. However, Kevlar III Vaughn, already very old, died in his Imperial residence. The Death of the Aurea Emperor was a shock to the population. All Aureans were in mourning and wailing in the streets of Valeroche. Kevlar III had no heirs, as his wife Mika Vaughn was unable to produce heirs, so the Aurean House of Lords convened at the Conférence de l'Empereur, this being a meeting to decide the future of the Aurean Empire and who would take over the throne. The Conference took days, until finally someone close to Kevlar III appeared, his name was Nylius Vaughn, nephew of Kevlar III. Thus, the House of Lords granted him the position of Dauphin of Aurea, and soon after, he received the title of Aurean Emperor. Thus, decreeing the beginning of the Fourth Aurean Empire.

The Fourth Aurean Empire led to the reversal of many policies held by previous emperors and allowed the noble faction to reach a new peak of unchecked power; an oversight that would later lead to the fragmentation of the Empire. As civil war threatened the Empire, something shocking stopped the entire Empire. A guy who claimed to be the lost son of the late Aurean Emperor, Kevlar III (which shocked the population since supposedly Kevlar III would have betrayed the late Empress-Consort of Aurea, Mika Vaughn, so that Kevlar III would have an heir) arrived at the gates of Valeroche, riding in full imperial dress. Until, ready to reclaim his throne, he saw a column of soldiers promptly armed. These soldiers did not wear blue uniforms like the Old Guard Corps, but rather the bright blue dress of the Sarovians. So he was arrested. It would later be handed over to the Aurean population as a goodwill gesture on the part of the Sarovians. Time passed and this fellow managed to gather a group of mercenaries to overthrow Nylius I. He purged all turncoats and foreign conspirators from the nobility and gave even more power to a now shrunken army in hopes of restoring safety to his people. Thus began the Fifth Aurean Empire under Kevlar IV Vaughn.

Under a new Emperor, the Fifth Age (or Fifth Aurean Empire) took effect, quickly returning the Empire to a place of absolute stability. Not content with simply achieving glory at home, he moved away from New Sarovia's guidelines and soon turned his gaze to international diplomacy and global affairs. He founded the heretical Stefanic Church, declaring the Aurean Empire's intent to protect the true faith and sustenance of all people united under Stefan's grace. Shortly after, he reached out to the nations of Estos, hoping to promote more settlements and civilizations on the sands of Ostos' south coast. As time passed, Kevlar IV adopted his uncle's son and named him heir apparent, granting him the imperial inheritance as Dauphin of Aurea. It was with this move that the Emperor declared the formation of the Sixth Aurean Empire, an Empire he was quoted as saying: “It would be lifted on the shoulders of the new sons and daughters of Aurea, to reach heights formerly considered impossible by the old. like me."

The Sixth Age, at its height, was a prosperous era for Aurea in Ostos, with activity and ambition comparable only to the Third Aurean Empire. Aurea, at this time, reached its economic peak - with the successes of previous economic masters such as the former Lord Peter Rhodes, Duke of Gaston and Comte of Albion, Aurea's already wealthy base was boosted further by a new House of Lords. This economic pre-eminence has placed Aurea, once again, on a geopolitical pedestal. After Kevlar IV's retirement and abdication, a silent coronation was held for Cassio I, cousin of Kevlar IV and son of Nylius II, inside the Palace of Valeroche. With that, Cassio I proclaimed to his people the beginning of the Seventh Aurean Empire.

In anticipation of the retirement of lords loyal to his uncle, Cassio I restructured the Aurean House of Lords to consist of new blood, hoping that the youth of a new generation of Aureans would prove more effective in governing than the old ones. The Seventh Age Imperial Government was the first time that there was no direct influence from an Aurean Lord as the first government. Hoping to spread Stefanic and Aurea influence, Cassio I commanded the Great Imperial Army sailed back east, reclaiming land lost after Imperial Edict No. 4 and proclaiming the colony of “New Fiore” in northern Estos. They would be decisively defeated by an ally of the New Sarovian Empire - the Empire of Amestria. With the shameful defeats at Estos, the Aurean House of Lords called for the abdication of Cassio I and his replacement by their most talented leaders.

After the abdication of Cassio the Magnanimous, Kevlar V would take over with the intention of assembling the most successful army ever seen. Utilizing Loganite rebel forces. Thus, the two forged the creation of the Auro-”State” Empire. This was the last straw and affront to the Sarovians who mobilized and decisively defeated the Aureans twice in Estos, taking the Imperial Standard among others; guns, guns and much more. In Ostos, battles crushed the Old Guard Corps repeatedly, and for the first time in history, Aurea accepted that Sarovia defeated them in battle. All other times they were swept under the rug and lied to. All Aurean forces surrendered in the Treaty of Leda, which included humiliating war reparations, the cession of all territory, and complete surrender.

Dominion of Carolusburg[edit | edit source]

Coronation of Constantine IX Vasa as Constantine I of Carodia-Aurea.

After the humiliation that the Aurean Empire had received after being completely destroyed by the New Sarovian Empire, the former House of Lords together with the last Aurean Emperor, Cassio I, fled to the newly created Dominion of Carolusburg, commanded by the Royo eui Carolusburg, Constantine I , along with His Grace the late Governor-General Richard Lux-Vaughn. Thus, the Aurean Lords along with Cassio I crowned Constantine I of Carolusburg and IX of Sarovia as the rightful holder of the title of Aurean Emperor, from the Act of Reclamation and Relinquishment.

Thus, with the coronation of Constantine IX as the rightful and only Aurea Emperor, the Dominion of Carolusburg was given the position of successor to the Aurean Empire. Thus known as the Dominion of Auro-Carodia, or in its archaic form as "The Loyal, United and Free Dominion of Carolusburg and Aurea". Thus, the old title of Aurea Emperor came to be referred to as Royo eui Carodia y Aurea, or just Royo eui Carodia-Aurea, belonging to His Royal Majesty, Constantine I of Carodia-Aurea.

Monarchs of Carolusburg and Aurea[edit | edit source]

Name Coronation Portrait Arms Birth Death
House of Vaughn
Kevlar I Vaughn
224 - 226 AS (reign: 2 Stefanic Years)
(Aurean Empereur et Père des Aureans from 224 AS)

(2 Stefanic Years = 2 months)

N/A 215 AS

Old Valeroche

Son of ???
227 AS (November 2016)


Kevlar II Vaughn
225 - 228 AS (reign: 3 Stefanic Years)
(Aurean Empereur et Père des Aureans from 224 AS)

(3 Stefanic Years = 3 months)

N/A 220 AS


Son of Kevlar I Vaughn
228 AS (November 2016)


Kevlar III Vaughn
227 - 232 AS (reign: 5 Stefanic Years)
(Aurean Empereur et Père des Aureans from 227 AS)

(5 Stefanic Years = 5 months)

N/A 225 AS


Son of Kevlar II Vaughn
232 AS (April 2017)


Nylius I Vaughn
232 (reign: 1 Stefanic Year)
(Aurean Empereur et Père des Aureans from 232 AS)

(1 Stefanic Year = 1 month)

N/A 227 AS


Son of Kevlar III Vaughn
232 AS (April 2017)


Kevlar IV Vaughn
233 - 260 AS (reign: 27 Stefanic Years)
(Aurean Empereur et Père des Aureans from 233 AS)

(27 Stefanic Years = 2 Years)

N/A 228 AS


Son of Nylius I Vaughn
261 AS (September 2019)


House of Avidius-Vaughn
Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn
280 - 290 AS (reign: 10 Stefanic Years)
(Aurean Empereur et Père des Aureans from 280 AS)

(10 Stefanic Years = 10 months)

270 AS


Son of Nylius II
304 AS (April 2023)

Carolusburg City

House of Vaughn
Kevlar V Vaughn
295 (reign: 1 Stefanic Year)
(Aurean Empereur et Père des Aureans from 280 AS)

(1 Stefanic Year = 1 month)

289 AS


Son of Kevlar II Vaughn
295 AS (June 2022)

Arbora Colony

House of Zor-Mako-Vasa
Constantine I Vasa
295 AS - present
(King of the Carolusburg and Aurea from 295 AS)
266 AS

Stenhammer Palace

Son of Prime Minister Sir Alexander, the 1st Viscount Lochland