Richard Lux Vaughn

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The His Excellency

Richard Lux Vaughn, Duke of Burvanica

Official portrait of Richard Lux Vaughn


Governor-General of Carolusburg and Aurea


Constantine I

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:

Theodor Kinwood


295 - 303 AS


260 AS


294 to 303 AS


Rear Admiral of the Far West Fleet of the Imperial Sarovian Navy, Duke of Burvanica.

Richard Vaughn or simply known as Richard (full name: Richard Lux ​​Vaughn), was the first Governor-General of the Dominion of Carolusburg taking over after the Second Saro-Aurean War in 295 AS. However, Richard would be recognized in all Graalian continents due to his past within the Aurean Empire as an Aurean Prince, and, mainly, when he would assume the post of Governor-General of Carolusburg.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life in Aurean Empire[edit | edit source]

Richard Lux ​​grew up in the lands of the Aurean Empire within Ostos, more precisely in Galia and Albion during the reign of Nylius I Vaughn. Richard would start his highly prestigious career within the Aurean Empire in the Imperial Aurean Army where he would become an excellent and exemplary commissioned officer by His Excellency, the Aurean Emperor Kevlar IV Vaughn. With his great achievements, Richard would become a member of the Aurean House of Lords as Duke of Galia and Albion (the lands which were granted by the Aurean Emperor Kevlar IV Vaughn as a way of gaining Richard's support by handing over the lands on which he had grown up). Due to Richard Lux ​​Vaughn's immense potential in the Aurean House of Lords, it would not be long before Richard was employed in the Imperial House of Vaughn becoming an Aurean Prince, and, given the great title of "Vaughn".

During his time as Aurean Prince, Richard chose to rename his old family "Lux" as part of his career in the Aurean Empire. So Richard began his plan to choose his heirs and successors. Among them were the main ones: his son Hizack Lux Bonhart, and his grandson, Theodor Lux Bonhart. Thus, Richard created one of the most famous aurean bloodlines: the Lux-Bonhart dynasty)

During his active period in the Imperial Aurean Army, Richard became known throughout Ostos as: "The Invincible" for being one of the best PK players of that time. Richard even won several skirmishes against the Imperial Sarovian Navy with several kill streaks. However, all that would change when his friend Ajax Artois-Avidius would betray the Aurean Empire after his defeat in the Aurean House of Representatives elections to Theodor Kinwood (your grandson) for the title of Grand Magistrate of the House of Representatives.

Service in the Imperial Sarovian Navy and the Viceroy[edit | edit source]

He had an impact on the entire military community when Richard left the Aurean Empire and joined the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions, and most notably by helping the development of the Imperial Sarovian Navy in Ostos by assuming the role of Rear Admiral of the Far West Fleet. During his time as Rear Admiral, Richard faithfully helped Tel Majis Imperialò, Royo y Imperad Constantine IX fight the Aureans in Ostos. Undoubtedly, Richard was instrumental in getting Tsu Kinwood, and later Theodor Kinwood, Doss Kinwood, into the New Sarovian Empire and the Imperial Sarovian Navy. Richard would become Tel Majis Imperial's Aide-de-camp, helping him day after day to combat any kind of imminent threat in Ostos.

After the defeat of the Aurean Empire during the Second Saro-Aurean War, the Dominion of Carolusburg would be created, and later the Aurean Empire would be annexed to it with the coronation of Constantine IX Vasa. During his time as Viceroy of the Dominion of Carolusburg, Richard assisted in the creation of a Privy Council for Carolusburg, and, the creation of a solid government, which, thanks to the Prime Minister, Sir Henry Vasa, was one of the best governments of that period in the history of the Dominion.

Death and Sucession[edit | edit source]

Richard Lux ​​Vaughn died a dignified death at his home, the Luxford Estate in Sarholm, where he died of natural causes. Upon his death, his titles and military positions were bestowed on his grandson, Theodor Kinwood, who would go on to become one of the best Governor-Generals the Dominion of Carolusburg could have.