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The Imperial Navy
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The coat of arms of the Imperial Navy.






25 Regulars, 25 Militia

Commander in Chief:

Constantine IX


The Imperial Navy (sometimes referred to as the Sarovian Imperial Navy or Imperial Sarovian Navy, to distinguish between other foreign navies) is a large employer in New Sarovia and the naval component of the Armed Forces. As of September 2021, the Imperial Navy has roughly 50 sailors from all over. Ships of war are styled HIMS, for His Imperial Majesty's Ship.

Its roots begin and can be traced almost continuously from 2017, under the command and watchful eye of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Constantine VI Vasa, who founded the Sarovian colonial empire. Therefore, being formed after the Army, it is the junior of the two services. The Navy has a generally broader organizational structure compared to the Army. The biggest unit in the Navy is of course, the Navy itself. It consists of all troops underneath it – from English to Portuguese, to Professional to Militia, and anything in between. It is led by the First Sea Lord of the Realm, and which in turn is guided by the Admiralty Board and the Supreme War Council.

The Imperial Navy has seen action in major wars for four years mainly on in defense of the Western colonies and Philippia, including the Saro-Aurean Wars and others. The Navy also functions a capable submarine fleet on GraalOnline Classic. Sarovian victories in major wars such as those allowed it to become the hegemon of Graal and abroad.

History[edit | edit source]

The first mention of the Imperial Navy comes in 2016, when Emperor Constantine III and IV led expeditions to the West. A small contingent of naval vessels were commandeered from the locals and put under command of native Crockett, who was the Rear Admiral of the Orange Squadron. No decisive or large battles were fought in 2016, as the main preference of the expeditionary force and navy was to skirmish with the NFR - the predecessor of Aurea. Rear Admiral Crockett skirmished with Kevlar and won a battle, wounding the pride of the natives, but nothing came out of it. The Navy was discontinued but not disbanded in fall of 2016 when the civil war began.

The Navy returned in late 2017 and early 2018 under the command of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Constantine VI Vasa.

Structure[edit | edit source]

As per the National Defense Act of 2020, there exists three Fleets, five Squadrons and over forty ships, from heavy duty destroyers to transports. The first fleet is the Grand Fleet, which is historically the largest fleet in the Imperial Navy and protects Sarovian colonies and dominions, and is dispatched to engage in battle. The Grand Fleet is based at Crockett Shipyards in Philippia and a naval base at Kaage Harbour. The Home Fleet is the smallest fleet in the Imperial Navy and is responsible for the protection of commerce, shipping and transport from the homeland elsewhere. It leaves decisive battle to the Grand Fleet. The Home Fleet is stationed at Sarholm with an auxiliary port at Saropolis. The Far West Fleet is the oldest fleet in the Imperial Navy and protects the Sarovian colonies in Ostos from enemy action and sabotage. The Fleet is based at Carolusburg harbour.

The Order of Battle for the Imperial Navy in May 2021 is below:

  • Imperial Navy
    • Orange Squadron
      • HIMS Lucas (Light Cruiser)
      • HIMS Black (Destroyer)
      • HIMS Coffee (Destroyer)
    • White Squadron
      • HIMS Perna (Submarine)
      • HIMS Laban (Submarine)
      • HIMS Derlin (Destroyer)
    • Gold Squadron
      • HIMS Philipville (Destroyer)
      • HIMS Alexander (Battleship)
    • Blue Squadron
      • HIMS Crockett (Submarine)
      • HIMS Victoria (Submarine)
      • HIMS Iohannes (Submarine)

The Order of Battle for the Imperial Navy currently can be seen on the NSE website.