HIMS Punitive

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His Imperial Majesty's Ship Punitive

HIMS Punitive

The HIMS Punitive sinking the famous Aurean HEWS Ironclad battleship.



Commanding Officer:

Rear Admiral, Teodos Aendre Kinwood





Class and Type:

Cruisers, Ridgeway Class


19 Sailors

The His Imperial Majesty's Ship Punitive or just HIMS Punitive was the main warship of the Far West Fleet. It was built by direct order of Royo and Imperad Constantine IX. The ship operated during a Second Saro-Aurean War (2022), it has seen by far the most combat, and houses the fleet’s most renowned fighters. It was the only Far West Fleet ship built during the Second Saro-Aurean War (2022), and is the largest, built specifically for combat. It eventually went on to strike the decisive winning blow against rebel forces at East Belmont. The HIMS Punitive reports to Far West Fleet Headquarters at Fort Carolusburg in Carolusburg City, the capital of the Dominion of Carolusburg.

Commanding Officers[edit | edit source]

Below you can find a list of all Commanding Officers who have passed through HIMS Punitive:

  1. Commodore, Tsu Kinwood, 2nd Viscount Poltava
  2. Rear Admiral, Theodor Kinwood, 2nd Marquis of Burvanica and