Far West Fleet

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The Far West Fleet

The coat of arms of the Imperial Navy.






21 Regulars, 8 Marines


John Vasa



The Far West Fleet was created in 2017 (the same year as the creation of the Imperial Sarovian Navy) with the objective of defending the subjects of the Crown and the prosperity of the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions in the Continent of Ostos. The Far West Fleet Headquarters is located at Fort Carolusburg.

History[edit | edit source]

Foundation[edit | edit source]

The Far West Fleet was formerly known and referred to as the Sarovian Expeditionary Corps, and, following the formalization of the Expeditionary Corps as the Imperial Sarovian Navy on March 23, 2021, by His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, Constantine IX. Thus, the former Sarovian Expeditionary Corps became the Orange Squadron, in which its leadership was entrusted to the former Vice-Admiral and Rear Admiral, Hawk and Coffeus, and, they were supervised by the First Sea Lord, Sir John Vasa.

The Orange Squadron was tasked with protecting the Empire's colonies of New Reuss, New Nassau, and Carolusburg. However, after several battles fought between Orange Squadron against the Aurean Empire in Ostos, in 2022, under the command of Commodore Sir Ajax Artois-Avidius, and also Rear Admiral Richard Lux ​​Vaughn, the Imperial Sarovian Navy and Orange Squadron would have a great change.

Modernity[edit | edit source]

Empire Day Parade (May 21st)
The Far West Fleet in Second Saro-Aurean War (2022)

Due to the growth of the Imperial Sarovian Navy in Ostos due to the Second Saro-Aurean War, the former Orange Squadron would become the Far West Fleet consisting of HIMS Punitive, HIMS Preuze and HIMS Westling and the Imperial Marines Detachment. The Far West Fleet saw numerous engagements against the Aureans in the Second Saro-Aurean War, as well as the Angelite Rebellion. Currently, the Fleet is commanded by Vice Admiral John Vasa.