HIMS Preuze

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HIMS Preuze

The coat of arms of the HIMS Preuze




Gunboat, Autumnwood Class


13 Sailors

Commanding Officer:

Michael Vasa-Vaughn

The HIMS Preuze is the chief auxiliary ship of the Far West Fleet, built in 2021 by order of the His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor Constantine IX. It was built alongside the HIMS Westling, for the purposes of holding additional naval personnel and assisting the HIMS Westling wherever needed. Though the HIMS Punitive, a larger ship, would later be built after it, the HIMS Preuze has nevertheless continued in its crucial role. Today, it houses some of the navy’s most esteemed veterans. The HIMS Preuze reports to Far West Fleet Headquarters at Fort Carolusburg in Carolusburg City, the capital of the Dominion of Carolusburg.

Commanding Officers:[edit | edit source]