Royal Carodian Militia

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The Royal Carodian Militia

The Colour of the Royal Carodian Militia






6 Militiamens

Colonel in Chief:

Tsu Kinwood

The Royal Carodian Militia (also referred to as the Governor-General Foot Guard, Royal Carolusburg Militia or just Carolusburg Militia) is the main defensive unit of the Dominion of Carolusburg. Its history begins to be told from the beginning of the Aurean Empire on the Continent of Ostos, where the Old Guard Corps was first established under the command of His Imperial Excellency, the Aurean Emperor, Kevlar II Vaughn.

The Old Guard Corps was the elite of the Imperial Grand Military of the Aurean Empire and Her Protectorates, having as its objective to defend the imperial family, defend the Aurean House of Lords during its meetings and defend the borders of the Aurean Empire.

Since its founding, the Old Guard Corps remained loyal to the Vaughn Dynasty for years until the old empire fell. With the defeat of the Aurean Empire in the Second Saro-Aurean War, the Aurean Lords along with the former Aurean Emperor, Cassio I, fled to the Dominion of Carolusburg to proclaim His Royal Majesty, the King of Carolusburg, Constantine I & IX as the rightful Aurean Emperor, thus the Dominion of Carolusburg became the rightful successor to the Aurean Empire.

Even with the annexation of the Aurean Empire, a frustrated group led by the rebel Angel Gatz fought several battles in stupid attempts to seize the Aurean throne, these battles became known as the Angelite Rebellion. At the end of the Angelite Rebellion with the surrender of the Minister of Defense, Hizack Saint-Spadar, along with all the Angelite troops, were handed over several war treasures that were bestowed on His Royal Majesty, the King, and also on His Excellency, the Governor -General Theodor Kinwood. Among these trophies was the Colour of the Old Guard Corps, which, by order of His Excellency the Governor-General, Theodor Kinwood, was to become the official colour of the Royal Carodian Militia. Thus, the Royal Carodian Militia became the successor to the Aurean Old Guard Corps.

Structure[edit | edit source]

A Diagram for Understanding Hierarchy in the Royal Carodian Militia.

The Dominion of Carolusburg under the Right Honorable Prime Minister Doss Kinwood, received the Militia Reform Act, 2023, where the Royal Carodian Militia underwent several changes. Among these changes would be the creation of battalions: 1st Ukrasda Battalion responsible for the defense of the Royal Family and also His Excellency the Governor-General. While the 2nd Grenadiers Regiment would be responsible for defending the edges of the Dominion.

Battalions of the Royal Carodian Militia are administered by Sergeants (who may be replaced by Ensigns during their absence), who receive orders from the Colonel of the Royal Carodian Militia who is appointed by His Excellency the Governor-General. The Colonel is appointed as the Colonel of the Regiment, but he is not the highest authority in the Militia. Above him is His Excellency the Governor-General who is vested in the power of Colonel-in-Chief.

Holders of the Office[edit | edit source]

Below you can find a list of Colonels of the Regiment from the Old Guard Corps to the Royal Carodian Militia, as well as the Colonel-in-Chief.

Colonel-in-Chief[edit | edit source]

  • His Imperial Excellency, the Aurean Emperor, Kevlar II Vaughn
  • His Imperial Excellency, the Aurean Emperor, Kevlar III Vaughn
  • His Imperial Excellency, the Aurean Emperor, Nylius I Vaughn
  • His Imperial Excellency, the Aurean Emperor, Kevlar IV Vaughn
  • His Imperial Excellency, the Aurean Emperor, Cassio I Vaughn
  • His Imperial Excellency, the Aurean Emperor, Kevlar V Vaughn
  • His Excellency, the Governor-General, Richard Lux-Vaughn
  • His Excellency, the Governor-General, Theodor Kinwood
  • His Excellency, the Governor-General, Tsu Kinwood

Colonel-of-the-Regiment[edit | edit source]