Doss Kinwood

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The Right Honourable

Doss Kinwood Viscount Dufort

Portrait of Doss Kinwood in the former lands of the Kaiserreich of Phoenix


Prime Minister of the Dominion of Carolusburg


Constantine I


Theodor Kinwood

Preceded by:

Johann von Padoa

Succeeded by:

election period


304 - 306 AS


285 AS


295 AS to present


Viscount Dufort


Kinwood family

The 1st Viscount Dufort, Doss Kinwood (full name: Doss Kinwood Dufort Bonhart Beaufort Lannister) is one of the most popular and well-known people in the Dominion of Carolusburg as well as the New Sarovian Empire. Doss is the son of the 2nd Viscount Poltava, Tsu Kinwood, the current Prime Minister of the New Sarovian Empire, as well as the younger brother of Theodor Kinwood. Currently, Doss is the Prime Minister of Carolusburg, Viscount Dufort and leads an extremely popular political party in Carolusburg known as: The Liberals

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Doss Kinwood unlike his brother, Theodor Kinwood, grew up on the Continent of Estos with his father, more precisely in the province of Vurgos. During his childhood, Doss always dreamed of enlisting in the Imperial Sarovian Army and defending the sovereignty of his Empire. When Doss came of age he enlisted in the forces of Sacro, where he became a Corporal and an excellent soldier. However, it came to the attention of Doss that his older brother and father had defected from the New Sarovian Empire and gone to the Aurean Empire. So, Doss, afraid to stay in a land alone without his family, took his ship and left for the Continent of Ostos to join in the Aurean Empire, where, after a long time, Doss would meet his brother again.

During the period that Doss served the Aurea Empire, he was never recognized for his accomplishments, such as: Creating music and videos for the Aurea Empire, and consequently, the creation of the famous TV Aurea (which was suspended and stolen by the TV Phoenix years later). Also, during the 7AE (Seventh Aurean Empire), Doss became commander of the HEWS Mevarus, where, along with Tsu, he was responsible for maintaining the Ship's activity until the Emperor ordered an end to the campaign.

Since then, Doss has felt contempt for aurea for not being recognized for his accomplishments. This motivated Doss to defect from the Aurean Empire along with Theodor and Tsu and enlist in the Imperial Sarovian Army, where they would fight their former home.

Dominion of Carolusburg[edit | edit source]

Doss would come to prominence in the Dominion of Carolusburg through his administration in the Royal Carodian Militia (the successor to the former Old Guard Corps). Doss Kinwood was undoubtedly one of the greatest Colonels-of-the-Regiment of the Royal Carodian Militia. Furthermore, Doss Kinwood would be democratically elected by the Carodians as the Right Honorable Prime Minister.

Furthermore, Doss Kinwood became an excellent footballer playing for the Carodian National Team and his favorite club, FC Dufort. In addition to becoming the 1st Viscount Dufort in the future.

Coat of Arms[edit | edit source]

Below you can see the official coat of arms of Doss Kinwood