Paziterra Province

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Province of Paziterra

The flag of the Province of Paziterra, also known as Vasterland.

Governor of Paziterra:

Occupied by the Governor-General of Carolusburg



The Province of Paziterra (popularly known as: Vasterland) is located in the territories of the Dominion of Carolusburg. Like the other provinces of Carodia, Paziterra became an electoral region under the Territorial and Electoral Reform Act, 2022. However, Paziterra is a province of Auro-Carodian origin, having a large number of former Aurean citizens.

The history of the Province of Paziterra is very old and dates back to the period of the Aurean Empire. In ancient times, Paziterra was a province of the Aurean Empire under the Vaughn Dynasty, whose name was Olivie. The Province of Olivie was a region of the Aurean Empire that was home to the largest number of Lusophones, being considered for a long time the "Auro-Brazilian Province”. In addition, it is important to note that for a long time Olivie was in the possession of the Bonhart-Beaufort Family, such as Comte Hizack and Marquis Tsu Beaufort-Bonhart. Therefore, after the Second Saro-Aurean War and with the passing of the Territorial and Electoral Reform Act, 2022, Olivie became popularly known as Paziterra (or Vasterland, being a "homeland" of Brazilian Auro-Carodians) and became a province of the Dominion of Carolusburg.