Carodian House of Commons

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The Carodian House of Commons

The House of Commons of the Parliament.

Legal status:

Lower house of the Royal Parliament


2022 (modern), 2017 (House of Representatives)


Constantine I & IX Vasa

The House of Commons of the Dominion of Carolusburg is formed by Members of Parliament elected by the population of Carolusburg during the general elections, whose main function is to represent the citizens of the Dominion, and to discuss legislation. The Carodian House of Commons is the lower house of the Carodian Royal Parliament. Furthermore, the Carodian House of Commons grew out of the former Aurean House of Representatives, which served as the lower chamber of government of the former Aurean Empire, which was composed of the Magistrates and led by the Grand Magistrate. However, when former Aurean Emperor Cassio I of Aurea handed the Aurean throne to His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX, the Dominion of Carolusburg automatically became the legitimate successor to the Aurean Empire. Thus, the former House of Representatives became the current Carodian House of Commons.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, much like other Sarovian parliamentary systems, is elected by the Members of Parliament to serve in a neutral role to maintain the procedures and rights of the Commons. The following have served as Speakers of the House.

Speakers of the House[edit | edit source]

  • Speaker Theodor Kinwood (296 - 300 AS)
  • Interim Speaker Gabriel Lannister (301 AS)
  • Speaker Dragon Kinwood (301 - 303 AS)
  • Speaker Destyail Primus (303 - 306 AS)