Carodian Assembly of Peers

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The Carodian Assembly of Peers

Legal status:

Upper house of the Royal Parliament


2022 (modern), 2016 (Aurean House of Lords)


Constantine I & IX Vasa

The Assembly of Peers of the Dominion of Carolusburg is the upper house of all legislatures of the Dominion of Carolusburg. The Carodian Assembly of Peers is composed of the Sarovian peers present in the Imperial Sarovian Navy, in addition to peers of Carodian ethical origin. Furthermore, the Carodian Assembly of Peers grew out of the former Aurean House of Lords, which was composed of members of the Aurean aristocracy. However, this changed when Emperor Emeritus of Aurea, Cassio I the Magnanimous, handed over the Aurean Empire to His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX, who would become Constantine I of Aurea. Thus, the Dominion of Carolusburg became the rightful successor to the Aurean Empire, and consequently, the House of Lords became the current Assembly of Peers.

The Lord Speaker of the Assembly of Peers, much like other Sarovian parliamentary systems, is elected by the Lords to serve in a neutral role to maintain the procedures and rights of the Assembly. The following have served as Lord-Speakers of the House.

Lord Speakers of the House[edit | edit source]

  • N/A

Members of the Assembly of Peers[edit | edit source]

The King[edit | edit source]

Immediate Family of the King[edit | edit source]

Marquis[edit | edit source]

Earls[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Itteus Kaine, 2nd Earl Kaine, OG OBS
  • Erich Septim, 2nd Earl of Nira

Viscounts[edit | edit source]

Barons[edit | edit source]

  • Scaebberd Temlar, Baron Temlar

Landed Knights[edit | edit source]