Order of the Vasas

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The Most Exalted Grand Order of the Vasas


Order of chivalry




Notre couronne est lourde (French: "Our crown is heavy")


Higher: None, lower: Order of the New Sarovian Empire

The Most Exalted Grand Order of the Vasas (often called the Order of Vasas) is the Empire’s highest order of chivalry in which former federal monarchs may be inducted into. The Order, signified by an orange sash among its recipients, are a series of former monarchs (of New Sarovia, not minor kingdoms or dominions) who are sworn in and knighted by the His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, should they retire.

Organization[edit | edit source]

Much like the Most Noble Order of the New Sarovian Empire, there are three Ranks of the Order - Knight Grand Cross, Knight Commander and Companion. All former federal monarchs will become Companions of the Order, and if they were ever proclaimed Caesar of Classic, are promoted to Knight Commander. There is only one Knight Grand Cross, who is the current reigning monarch (currently His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, Constantine IX).

The Most Exalted Grand Order of the Vasas allows its members and recipients to show off and indicate themselves to their fellow countrymen and countrywomen. All members will gain their sash - an orange sash draped over their uniform from the right to the left. This sash can go over any uniform other than the gray combat uniform. Likewise, the members of the Order are given their badge - a silver star with an orange sapphire in the center, pinned to the chest of the recipient. The shield can either be that - a shield, or be directly added onto the Knight’s uniform should they request it.

The Order's emblem is a heraldic collar with Constantine IX's monogram and the Vasa rose around, with a gold cross with a portrait of Constantine IX hanging at the bottom.

Appointment[edit | edit source]

Appointments are at the Sovereign's sole discretion, and are only eligible to former or current federal monarchs of the New Sarovian Empire and Commonwealth. Membership of the order is limited to the Sovereign and any living foreign monarchs. Knights may be kicked out should they be convicted of high treason. Entry into the Order grants considerable perks to those inside, which can be used to further one’s career in and outside of Sarovia. Some of these perks include:

  • Awarded a Duchy by the current Sovereign of the Empire, and thus entry into the Assembly of Peers and College of Princes,
  • Any eligible heir (in good standing with the current Sovereign) may be granted a Viscount title,
  • A free estate in a luxurious neighborhood in Sarholm,
  • Their own heraldry, with the heraldic collar around it,
  • The right to the prefix of Sir/Dame in their name depending on gender, and the post nominal of OV (eg. Lieutenant Sir John Doe, OV)
  • No taxes,
  • And increased likelihood of civil appointments.

Recipients[edit | edit source]

The following are sworn in as members of the Most Exalted Grand Order of the Vasas:


  • His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, Constantine IX


  • His Grace the Duke of Bergonia, Sir Marty


  • His Grace the Duke of Upper Preuze, Edward
  • Her Grace the Duchess of Sorrel, Dame Brianna
  • His Grace the Duke of Preuze, Hankey