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The Carodian Parliament or Royal Parliament is the main legislative body of the government of the Dominion of Carolusburg and Aurea. The Parliament meets ins the House of Commons and the Assembly of Peers in the Carolusburg City. The Royal Parliament holds legislative authority and supremacy over all institutions and organizations that are not owned by the Royal Crown. In addition, the Royal Parliament works on a system of privileges: the House of Commons and the Assembly of Peers have the ability to meet and legislate according to the will of the Crown. However, the Crown rarely interferes with Parliament. Most of the time, the Crown acts on the advice of Its Loyal Government, more precisely the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

The Royal Parliament consists of two chambers: the House of Commons (formerly Aurean House of Representatives) and the Assembly of Peers (formerly Aurean House of Lords). The House of Commons has about eight seats which are elected by the Carodian people during the General Election. In turn, the Assembly of Peers consists of members of the Sarovian aristocracy who are present in the Imperial Navy, and also of nobles of Carodian ethical origin. Therefore, these two legislative houses together form the Carodian Royal Parliament.

His Excellency, the Gouvernad-Generalle Theodor Kinwood in Royal Parlimant swears in MP's to Parliament for the legislature from May-July 2023.

History[edit | edit source]

Initially, the predecessor of the current Carodian Parliament would be the old Aurean Government - this being the first functional government in Ostos. However, in this barbaric and feudal system, there was no type of democracy, that is, the people did not choose their representatives, but they were implemented by the nobles and the monarch according to their own interests.

One example of this was the House of Representatives, which "pretended" to be a "true democracy", but was completely controlled by members of the House of Lords, and any threat to this system would be vetoed. However, with the fall of the Aurean Empire in 295 AS, Carolusburg and the remnants of Aurea who crowned Constantine IX as Constantine I of Aurea, formed a truly functional government in Ostos, this being: the Carodian Parliament.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The Royal Parliament of Carolusburg is structured into three representative parts - the Monarch, the Peers and the Commons. Each has a distinct role, but they cooperate with each other for the good of the legislative process. This legislative system is one of the clearest legacies of Sarovian politics, being one of the most obvious copies of the parliamentary model known as the Sarovian System of Democracy. In Carolusburg, however, the impermanent nature of the monarch's residence in the country appears.

The Monarch[edit | edit source]

The Royal Assent of the Monarch[1] is required for all bills to become law, and certain delegated legislation must be made by the Monarch by Royo-dà-Conseili. The crown also possesses executive powers that do not depend on Parliament, through prerogative powers, including the power to make treaties, declare war, grant honors, and appoint public officials and servants. In practice, these are always exercised by the monarch under the advice of the Prime Minister and the other ministers of His Royal Majesty's Government (HRM Government). The Prime Minister and the government are directly accountable to parliament, through control of public finances, and to the public, through the election of Members of Parliament (MP).

The Peers[edit | edit source]

The Carodian Peers they are the members of the upper house of the Royal Parliament, thus making up the Auro-Carodian nobility. Its function is to vote on bills approved by the House of Commons, where, after being approved by the Assembly of Peers, they are sent to the Monarch[1], who grants Royal Assent or not.

The Diagram of the Carodian House of Commons

The Commons[edit | edit source]

The Carodian Commons are the members of the parliament that make up the lower house of the Royal Parliament. They are made up of MP's (Members of Parliament), elected by the population to act as representatives of the 7 electoral districts of Carodia. Their main function is to write bills, and, once a week in the parliamentary sections, vote to send them to the Assembly of Peers, so that, after being approved there, they have Royal Assent by the Monarch[1].

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 It is important to highlight that the Royal Assent can also be granted by the Viceregal representative, that is, by the Viceroy of Carolusburg and Aurea, who represents the monarch in his absence.

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