March-May Term (2023)

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2023 General Elections

March-May Term



Johann von Padoa
Caps Party

Leader of the Opposition:

Hats Party


6/8 by Caps Party
2/8 by Hats Party


Theodor Kinwood, 2nd Marquis eui Burvanica

The March-May Term (2023) it was the fourth official legislature of the Dominion of Carolusburg since the creation of the Royal Carodian Parliament. Parliament maintained its 8 seats with the aim of being won by the main parties: Hats Party and Caps Party, respectively, center-right and center-left parties. The Leader of the Western Caps was Johann von Padoa, while the leader of the Western Hats had not been defined.

Election[edit | edit source]

Candidacy[edit | edit source]

Western Caps selected the following candidates: Regalius, Gabriel, Doss, Sky, Johann, Cassio and Dragon, for the respective provinces: Cape Edward, Elster, Burvanica, Belbata, New Preuze and Minolia.

March-May Term (2023) diagram

Western Hats selected the following candidates: Lanz, Archie, Gustavo and Edwardo, for the respective provinces: Carolusburg, Paziterra, Belbata and New Preuze.

Election Day[edit | edit source]