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The His Lordship

Lanz Kinwood, 2nd Viscount Camrose

Lanz Kinwood official portrait.


2nd Viscount Camrose (in New Sarovian Empire)
Vsiscount Teri (in Dominion of Carolusburg)


Constantine IX Vasa

Preceded by:

Sir Ajax Artois-Avidius, the 1st Viscount Camrose

Succeeded by:



305 AS


289 AS


300 AS to present


Deputy Comissioner of the Imperial Sarovian Constabulary, Guardsman of Royal Carodian Milita, Seargent of Cape Brianna Infantry Regiment.


Kinwood family

Lanz Teri-Vicenz, also known as Lanz Kinwood or more formally as he was formerly known as Diarth (Full name: Lanz Teri-Vicenz Valnor Kinwood-Bonhart), is the current Deputy Commissioner of the Southern Detachment of the Imperial Constabulary and the owner of 2 nobliquiary titles, these being the titles of: 2nd Viscount Camrose and Viscount Teri. Furthermore, Lanz has currently been the artist contributing most to the Imperial Court. Lanz is the son of Theodor Kinwood in the Kinwood family and the Grandson of the Right Honourable Prime Minister, Tsu Kinwood, the 2nd Viscount Poltava, and also being a direct blood descendant of Sotter Terin-Vicenter (The First Vincentian in the present House of Teri-Vicenz) . Furthermore, Lanz is the father of Erwin Teri-Vicenz and Gustavo Kinwood.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Lanz Kinwood was born on the mainland of Estos, precisely in the province of Upper Preuze, where he spent his military life. To be more exact, Lanz "distanced" from his family's origins, joining a distant Nation whose ideals went against his family's. Lanz, who preferred to be called "Lanz Teixeir", quickly became an officer of the Empire of Sacro, actively participating in many military confrontations, in which he would need to fight against his own family members. Lanz served the Empire of Sacro until the arrival of the Seventh Aurean Empire, when he decided to join his family (more precisely alongside his Father).

The arrival of Lanz Kinwood in the Seventh Aurean Empire, marks a new era in his life, when, then, leaving his old Nation (and that then would be destroyed). Lanz seeks refuge in the Aurea under the help of his Family. It is there that Lanz operates on the well-known Warship the HEWS Mevarus, acting under the command of his grandfather with his uncle. After many military confrontations with other nations, Lanz reached the rank of Commander of the War Ship, being only below his Grandfather, and it is at that moment that Lanz leaves his military career a little aside, due to almost no military confrontation, becoming idle in the field. Thus, already tired of his "comfort", Lanz, once again moving away from his Family, decides to take up other branches in his life.

At this point Lanz no longer acted as a regular military man, and instead became a reservist within Fort Rennes. Realizing that the Empire had a weak civilian presence, and little development, Lanz announced his candidacy for Magistrate in the city of Blancheburg, running for the Aurean Conservative Party (ACP). Winning unanimously, Lanz then decides to enter the Academy of Arts and Letters. Thus, the Artist known today was born. At that time, in addition to his studies, Lanz began to research more about the identity of his late mother, unfortunately until today there are no exact records of who she was. But it is there that Lanz discovers that his mother was the daughter of a former diplomat Sotter Vicenter the first Vincentian, Lanz then having Vicenz blood in his veins, creates the House of Teri-Vicenz, for his descendants and associates. Lanz remained in Aurea this time until his campaign ended in Estos.

Jacobite Rebellion[edit | edit source]

After some fights with the Command of the Seventh Aurean Empire, and already unmotivated to continue on the Ship, Lanz then leaves the Empire and his Family, and once again swears loyalty to his former leader, but this time, on the wrong side of History. Lanz becomes a Jacobite in Jacob's Rebellion, again Lanz becomes an officer and contributes to the rebellion, participating in only a few military engagements. He remained there until he saw that his Father and family needed more than ever to be united. So Lanz goes back to 7AE.

Kaiserreich of Phoenix[edit | edit source]

Lanz, being the son of Theodor Kinwood, held several titles in the Kaiserreich of Phoenix, the then known Dom Lanz, Prince of Terisburg. In times past, while he was still only the Duke of Bavaria, Lanz served militarily in Phoenix, and later launched his candidacy for Prime Minister, running for his own Historical Party, the PTP (Phoenix Traditionalist Party), winning overwhelmingly from his Uncle, Doss Kinwood. Lanz did not bring many changes as Prime Minister of Phoenix, but he did bring certain cultural and technological advances to the Kaiserreich, too, and it was in his tenure that victory over the Snow Dynasty was declared. After his first term Lanz decided not to run again. Then announcing his inexperienced son Erwin for the candidacy, so this time Doss Kinwood wins the election. Lanz served Phoenix until the end of its campaign on the mainland of Ostos, serving as General of the Phoenix Foundation Corps. Lanz was also present in the campaign in which Phoenix helped the broken Aurean Empire to return to its military activities.

New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions[edit | edit source]

Shortly after the end of Phoenix's military campaign in Ostos, Lanz decides to join the New Sarovian Empire (NSE), this time swearing loyalty to Constantine IX. Lanz served for a short time in the Imperial Army, having his highest position reached as Major, in the Regimento de Vurgos, however he saw action in many military engagements fighting for the NSE, Lanz was one of the current major contributors of Art to the NSE, being then retired from the Military Career, then a reservist in the Cape Brianna Infantry Regiment, Lanz formally joins the Imperial Sarovian Constabulary, acting as a Police Officer in the Empire, taking care of criminal, civil and judicial relations in the Empire. Until today Lanz has reached the position of Deputy Commissioner in the Constabulary, commanding the entire Southern Detachment.

Honours[edit | edit source]

Throughout his life, Lanz Kinwood has received many different honours, decorations and titles.

Coat of Arms[edit | edit source]

Below you can see the official Coat of Arms of Lanz Kinwood as 2nd Viscount Camrose:

Arms of Lanz Kinwood as 2nd Viscount Camrose