Viscount Poltava

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Viscounty of Poltava

Creation Date:

240 AS (first creation)
300 AS (second creation)

Created by:

William I Vasa-Oxeria (first creation)
Constantine IX Vasa (second creation)


Sarovian Assembly of Peers
Carodian Assembly of Peers

First holder:

Andrey Vasa (first creation; 250 AS)

Present holder:

Tsu Kinwood

The title of Viscount Poltava was created in honor of the city of Poltava (also referred to as Tristopoli, one of the greatest centers of Stefanism on the continent of Estos, as well as being the very residence of His Holiness the Pope). In addition, the title of Viscount Poltava does not carry any territorial properties. Currently, the bearer of the title of Viscount Poltava is Tsu Kinwood.

Creations[edit | edit source]

First Creation[edit | edit source]

The Title was first created by His Imperial Majesty, William I Vasa-Oxeria, in the Sarovian Assembly of Peers, during the union of Saro-Oxeria, thus bestowing it on his son and heir (who was also the Prince of Kiev), Andrey Vasa. Furthermore, Andrey Vasa was a former Field Marshal of the Imperial Sarovian Army, and fought several battles. Mainly in the Poltava region, where he defeated several enemies and maintained the sovereignty of the Empire. However, later Andrey Vasa would also be invested in the Order of the New Sarovian Empire, and his collar would be added to their heraldry (in addition to the marshal's baton). Later, Andrey Vasa would die and his title would cease to exist until the reign of Constantine IX Vasa.

Second Creation[edit | edit source]

The title was recreated for the second time by His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX Vasa, in the Sarovian Assembly of Peers, and bestowed upon Tsu Kinwood, as a way of honoring him for his services to the New Sarovian Empire. Thus, Tsu Kinwood would become the 2nd Viscount Poltava in the New Sarovian Empire. However, because at the time Tsu Kinwood was enlisted in the Imperial Sarovian Navy and was an active Commodore in HIMS Punitive. So, his title, Viscount Poltava, became present in the Dominion of Carolusburg.

Viscounts Poltava[edit | edit source]

Name Portrait Arms Birth Death
House of Vasa

Andrey Vasa

House of Vasa

240 - 256 AS

(Prince of Kiev from 238 to 256 AS, and, Field Marshal of the Realm)
238 AS

Stenhammer Palace

Son of William I Vasa-Oxeria
256 AS (April 2019)

Leda Palace

House of Kinwood

Tsu Kinwood

300 AS - present
(Prime Minister of the New Sarovian Empire from 2023, and, Commodore of the HIMS Punitive, from 2022 to 2023 )
277 AS


Son of Richard Lux Vaughn