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The Imperial Army

The coat of arms of the Imperial Army.






200 Regulars, 100 Militia

Commander in Chief:

Carolus XIII


The Imperial Sarovian Army (ISA) is the main land warfare force of New Sarovia, a part of the Imperial Sarovian Armed Forces (ISAF) along with the Imperial Sarovian Navy. The Imperial Army is the biggest employer in New Sarovia and the land component of the Armed Forces. As of May 2021, the Imperial Army has over 200 full time soldiers and 100 part time soldiers. Its roots begin and can be traced almost continuously from 2016, under the command and watchful eye of Constantine III Mako. Its purpose is straightforward – to defend the borders, honour and prestige of the Empire from enemies anywhere and anytime. Members of the Imperial Army swear allegiance to their monarch as their commander-in-chief, and the force is overseen by the Ministry of Defense and the Chief of Staff, according to the National Defense Act of 2020.

The Imperial Army was primarily composed of three arms - infantry, cavalry and Guards, but cavalry has since shrunk to a diminished role. In the Army, consists of a series of departments that help in administration: the Department of Engineering, the Department of Supply and Logistics, the Department of Standards, the Department of Personnel and the Department of Signals.

The Imperial Army has seen action in major wars for five years and on every continent, including the Saro-Malum War, the first and second Great War, the Great Northern War, the Saro-Imperian Wars and more. Sarovian victories in major wars such as those allowed it to become the hegemon of Graal and abroad.

History[edit | edit source]

2016[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Army began after the success of the May 21st Revolution. Within a day, multiple guilds were made and being filled. Two Infantry Divisions were led by Colonel Jin and Colonel Mathiveas and Colonel Goose formed his Artillery Division.

A week later, the Imperial Army began the initial stages of the Autumnwood Campaign - the task to cleanse everything south of the River Nafets from Malum. Malum’s homeland was in Destiny and Swamp, so the war council decided to attack to destroy the enemy’s morale. The Imperial Army swept south and engaged at the gates of Destiny - which fought for just under six hours. The two sides were unrelenting and uncompromising, with the fiercest fighting getting the area warped. Under the recommendation of Chancellor Xiao, the Treaty of Tels was proposed to King Blackfyre - no battle would last longer than three hours. Should a battle last longer, both sides were mandated to engage in a guild spar. It was accepted by Blackfyre. The treaty was risky - Malum had the noble family of Valeria - one known for their good fighters.

The Imperial Army deployed their special forces - nicknamed the Golf Team, made up of multiple professional sparrers from GST teams. They swept through battles after every three hour time period was up. After the Malums were defeated at Autumnwood, they fled to Swamp, which would give way to the decisive battle of the entire Saro-Malum War. Battles won at Swamp, Onnet and Snow accelerated the Autumnwood Campaign.

In June, the Battle of Les Deux Fronts began was won, taking the territory of MoD and Castle, and in the final battle Emperor Constantine III led his Golf Team to victory in person, effectively ending any resistance. The decisive battle of Les Deux Fronts crippled Malum, leaving Blackfyre exiling himself. On the 5th of June, the regent of Malum, Azrael, surrendered to Constantine, and was assimilated into Sarovia, forming a Division full of Malum refugees.

An Expeditionary Corps (Sarovian Expeditionary Corps) travelled to the West, which was a decent success. There began the first permanent Sarovian navy, and most members of the Expeditionary Corps transferred to it. The Expeditionary Force retreated when the Emperor focused all forces on an upcoming campaign against the United Forces, led by Auelist loyalists who were disgruntled Sarovian prosecution of Statees. The United Forces seized Big City and sent probing attacks to all Sarovian territories, which were promptly defeated by the garrisons there. Soon after, an official war declaration was sent.

The United Forces were knocked out of the war insanely early with a decisive victory in MoD. In honour of this victory, the Royal Guards were elevated to the Imperial Guard, and the Chancellor raised ten thousand gralats to be funded to build on map bases - Mirage and Draydon. The Imperial Army was only defeated by itself in the Sarovian Civil War. The first and only battle of the Civil War began on September 1st, 2016 at Delta. The battle is one of the quickest in Sarovian history - lasting just over half an hour. Both sides engaged below the spar arena, with the Yorkist green being used to signify allegiance to Emperor John, and the old brown being used to identify the forces of Emperor Oliver. The battlefield was warped once, and when the troops returned to continue the fight - Emperor John and members of both sides were banned for boosting - a mere 48 hours, but enough to kill any claim to the Sarovian throne. Oliver’s excitement was short lived however - his top staff was included in the ban wave, and his grip on power began to crumble as activity fell. Former Emperor Constantine IV fled into exile into Northern Wilderness with the Imperial Guard.

Constantine V rebuilt the Imperial Guard - who donned unique scarlet coats - in November of 2016. The Guard quickly built up three Regiments - the 13th, 14th and 15th Regiments. New Sarovia laid claim to everything north of the River Nafets, before planning to launch further south and retake the map. Two small rebel guilds, each not even one full tag, were put to the sword in battles at Delta and Snowtown, which let the Empire claim those. Eventually, the Saro-Aurean War began. When the Imperial Army came to MoD Town with the intention of a fight, the Aureans fled to Destiny. This behaviour was suspicious from the Aureans, who were so keen on fighting the Sarovians. The Sarovians chased them the next day, though the Aureans again refused to fight at Destiny, though scouts did smirkish at Swamp.

2017[edit | edit source]

The Aureans set up shop at York - known to the Sarovians as Poltava - and began setting up defenses and scouts. The Sarovians, eager for a fight, decided to attack York the next day. The Aureans had developed a secret glitch allowing you to be able to gain kick powers inside of other guilds. When the Sarovians attacked York through the snow in early January 2017, the Aureans unleashed the glitch - nicknamed the nuke - and the Sarovians fell into disarray. All Regiments were masskicked, leaving everyone uncertain what happened and what to do.

Lieutenant Colonel Sevirax tried to stop the troops from fleeing and leaving Sarovia for good, as Colonel Low tried desperately to recruit them back. It was to no avail though, the Sarovians fled in great numbers. The day was completely lost due to Aurea’s exploits - the first time the glitch was ever used in the Graal Military Community. The first Battle of Poltava was the first - and only - decisive defeat in Sarovian history, due to uncontrollable external factors that would foreshadow the carnage and destruction of the Great War, half a year later.

In April of that year, a veteran of the Battle of Poltava, Carolus, became King of Sarovia. He quickly built an army nicknamed the Saroleans, who wore blue and yellow uniforms. After repeated wars with small guilds to strengthen his troops, the opportunity to redeem Sarovia's name and honour came in the shape of a seemingly small conflict between Valeria and Arcadia in Snowtown. After twenty four hours straight of fighting, Sarovia decided to help Valeria defeat Arcadia. The State, a new incarnation, came to the aid of Arcadia, and war waged for another whole day. Forty eight hours after the first sword was swung, the newly found Alliance (State and Arcadia) was defeated by the Entente (Valeria and Sarovia.) This would be the Great War.

Alliance hackers masskicked and nuked the 1st Division which was later crowned and allowed to be given the prefix "Royal" for its bravery in Snow and in the face of nukes. Luckily for Sarovia, Sarovia had discovered the nuking glitch and in retaliation, nuked both Arcadia and the State, 1 guild each, in an attempt to ward off more nukes. Nuclear war was a part of modern war now. After repeated grinds and slugging matches in York and Snow, numerous back and forth nukes, and numerous political maneuvers, the State collapsed and Arcadia surrendered and Peter fled once more. The Great War was over, but the Great Northern War was just about to begin - Valeria, Sarovia's ally, along with small guilds and dependencies, immediately backstabbed Sarovia, in fear of Sarovia becoming too strong. At this moment in time, Field Marshal William was forming the Brazilian Corps. Battle after battle, Sarovia defeated the enemy, pushing them from Snow to York, York to Deadwood, and Deadwood to MoD.

Nukes were a common occurrence in this war, and eventually, King Carolus convinced a Valerian commander to defect and disband his guild. Valeria believed the Sarovians made a new glitch that instead of masskicking, could disband guilds and in retaliation, massreported Carolus. Carolus was banned and all guilds he was in - deleted. English Sarovia was gone. Using this opportunity, Valeria attacked Delta and was held off only by the remaining English desperately trying to rebuild their guilds, and the loyal and fierce Brazilian Corps. Upon hearing of his brother's 8,000 hour ban (and subsequent ban of being able to join any guilds), Prince Frederick, a veteran of the Battle of Poltava took over as King and defeated Valeria (which then disbanded) and proclaimed himself Emperor Constantine VI.

Byzantium formed a coalition of small guilds to force Sarovia to surrender. After brutal fighting in all hours of the night, and a long and brutal hit and run campaign, the Byzantines collapsed. In the winter of 2017 the biggest guild ever rose, with its fires of anti-monarchist revolution - the Free States (TFS). Led by Auel, fierce and eager for revenge for the Great War, TFS raised a grand conscript army of over 300+ English men. The much smaller 200+ Imperial Army of both English and Lusophone speakers held firm for four days straight in a constant wave after wave attack of Delta, MoD and Onnet. All of Sarovia's smaller guild allies abandoned Sarovia and flocked to The Free States. Sarovia stood alone. Outnumbered 2-1, Sarovia still held, and within the month, infighting collapsed the Free States, as they promised their troops they could defeat Sarovia and failed to do so.

2018[edit | edit source]

2018 ushered in a new age of progress and hegemony. From winter to the summer, there would be no coordinated offensive against Sarovia. The Imperial Army was allowed to rest on its laurels. It was understood it was undefeatable and its invincibility in war ran before it as it marched. On July 12th, the ascension of Emperor William, a political personal union was led by William and Emily of Oxeria, uniting the two countries as one. Their marriage united their countries.

The Imperial Army went through significant reforms through the personal union. This was met with resistance and a pretender to the Oxerian throne, Twister, rose in revolt but within the month was crushed by the Imperial Army. This ended all hopes of disuniting the two countries. Upon the arrival of a new contender to the GMC hegemon's title, Imperia, Constantine VI was called back to manage and administrate the army. Upon some quick reforms, the Imperian juggernaut army was decisively defeated at a key political moment of Imperian infighting. Imperian diplomat Zearos begged for peace, but the peace terms Constantine offered were too harsh, and were rejected by Imperia. A cold war then began, with Imperia locked in York, unable to break out.

2019[edit | edit source]

Numerous battles raged between the two, with Imperia repeatedly locked and unable to leave their only province of York. This would continue until July 2019, again on July 12th, Constantine VI retired for good never to be seen again, though successors bore his name, and William retired to the title of Constantine, and gave the title of Emperor to Field Marshal Brynjolf who became Edward I. This was seen as a key moment for the Imperian army to strike, and so it was. With their newly formed Aurean allies, Edward was pushed back and forced to surrender and abdicate, and give all of Sarovia’s land away.

The crown went to Francis and Brianna as co-rulers, but soon conflict broke out between them and Brianna became the Queen and Empress. The Empress married Emperor Jacob I of Sacro, forging a new personal union. In exchange for the marriage and solidification of a new Saro-Sacro empire (nicknamed Sacrovia), the Lusophone speakers of Sarovia were ceded to Sacro’s administration. Upon her solidification of the Imperial Army, she slowly regained the concessions that her predecessor gave to the foe.

Arcadia was reformed and swore allegiance to the Imperian Empire, and the future of the GMC was under threat. Oxeria, Sarovia's ally, abandoned her and Sarovia was left alone. Aurea and Imperia broke off their alliance, and fought - with Imperia winning. It seemed nobody could stop Imperia, but the Empress Brianna was determined to do so.

A political stalemate lasted from the summer to the winter of 2019. The Imperians launched an organization called the Graal City Police Department (GCPD). This was a seemingly neutral organization tasked with rooting out bad members of the community, but in reality was used to target political rivals, faking evidence and trying to get members cancelled. This began a war of espionage but no conflict, with assassinations, guild masskickings, and more.

2020[edit | edit source]

In the spring of 2020, a friend of Constantine had returned to the throne. Naming himself Constantine VII in his friend’s honour, he had raised the most ambitious plan yet - the incredible Nafets Confederation of states under the banner of the Empire, with goals of creating the biggest army in Graal. This he succeeded in doing, though the full plan was not realized. This is named the Grand Army.

The Imperian Empire had become incredibly weak - inactive and quoted as the “sick man of Graal.” However, its diplomatic skills were immense - they formed a coalition of much more powerful guilds to protect it from Sarovia, painting Sarovia as evil. Together with diplomatic maneuvering from friends, Constantine and his 600+ strong army managed to wage a decisive victory over the Imperians, seizing York and Delta, their capital. This defeat, along with former Emperor William’s diplomacy, managed to convince the coalition to split apart and turn on Imperia.

The Coalition had asked Constantine to lead them to victory, but leaked conversations proved that as soon as Imperia was destroyed they’d turn on Sarovia. In exchange for the Coalition’s help to defeat Imperia and to leave Sarovia alone, Constantine retired and left the throne to Edward II. Later in the summer, the New Sarovian Empire decentralized - forming the English nation of Reuss and the Portuguese nation of Nassau. The King-Emperor of New Sarovia was vacant, but still existed. Wars were waged against Maveria and others, to stalemate.

Upon the abdication of the King of Reuss, Edward II, the nobles elected another noble - Constantine VII’s best friend (at the time the Viscount Lochland), as Emperor of New Sarovia. This new Emperor, Constantine IX, saw the rebuilding of the Imperial Army and reconquered Sarovian land in the Grand Restoration, against the Fourth Coalition of Arcadia, Niflheim and more.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The Army has a specific organisation and hierarchy. It is a series of units, big and small, which form up the military arm of the federal government in order to enforce the Emperor’s will by force if necessary. The biggest unit in the Army is an Army. It consists of all troops underneath it – from English to Portuguese, to Regular to Militia, and anything in between. It is led by the Marshal of the Empire, and which in turn is guided directly by the Supreme War Council. It is split into three Corps - two Regular and one Militia. The Battalion is the fundamental building block of the Army, which makes up Divisions and In the Regular force, there are cavalry and infantry, as well as the elite Blue Guard.

Home Garrison[edit | edit source]

The Home Garrison consists of I and II Corps, and makes up the entirety of the Regular forces and one militia division. It plays on GraalOnline Classic, and consists of ten regular infantry battalions, four Guard battalions and one heavy cavalry battalion. I Corps consists of all the units which are ethnically Reussian and speak English, whereas II Corps consist of all the units who are ethnically Nassauvian and speak Portuguese. Each Corps is led by a General. Under the Corps are two Divisions each, led by Colonels, which each operate four battalions of ten. The current Order of Battle for the Home Garrison, under the jurisdiction of Commander Home Garrison, is below:

  • Home Garrison
    • I Corps
      • Royal Sarholm Regiment (The Regiment was massacred in battle, its colour stolen - once it regained it it was given the prefix "Royal").
        • 1st Battalion, Royal Sarholm Regiment
        • 2nd Battalion, Royal Sarholm Regiment
      • Modena Rifles Regiment
        • 1st Battalion, Modena Rifles Regiment
        • 2nd Battalion, Modena Rifles Regiment
      • Cape Brianna Infantry Regiment
        • 1st Battalion, Cape Brianna Infantry Regiment
        • 2nd Battalion, Cape Brianna Infantry Regiment
    • II Corps
      • Regimento de Kiev
        • 1º Batalhão, Regimento de Kiev
        • 2º Batalhão, Regimento de Kiev
      • Regimento de Vurgos
        • 1º Batalhão, Regimento de Vurgos
        • 2º Batalhão, Regimento de Vurgos

There is also the 5th Reserve Division which falls outside the jurisdiction of either Corps, which boasts 50 militia, but plays on GraalOnline Classic.

Philippian Army[edit | edit source]

The Philippian Army consists of III Corps, and makes up a large chunk of the part time soldiers in the Imperial Army. They fall under the jurisdiction of the Philippian Ministry of Militia and Defence in organization, training and policy, but fall under the authority of the Field Marshal of the Realm and the NSE Prime Minister. It plays on Roblox, and consists of eight battalions in the Militia, each of them double in paper size. The full time capacity of III Corps is 500 militia, with room for 50 members of the Blue Guard, who are the elite soldiers in the Dominion of Philippia.

  • Philippian Militia
    • III Corps
      • Rachaelsburg Rifles
        • 1st Battalion, Rachaelsburg Rifles
        • 2nd Battalion, Rachaelsburg Rifles
        • 3rd Battalion, Rachaelsburg Rifles
        • 4th Battalion, Rachaelsburg Rifles
      • 8th Lancers (Duke of Poltava’s Own)
        • 1st Battalion, 8th Lancers (Duke of Poltava’s Own)
        • 2nd Battalion, 8th Lancers (Duke of Poltava’s Own)
        • 3rd Battalion, 8th Lancers (Duke of Poltava’s Own)
        • 4th Battalion, 8th Lancers (Duke of Poltava’s Own)
      • 9th Dragoons (Duke of Westling’s Own)
        • 1st Battalion, 9th Dragoons (Duke of Westling’s Own)
        • 2nd Battalion, 9th Dragoons (Duke of Westling’s Own)
        • 3rd Battalion, 9th Dragoons (Duke of Westling’s Own)
        • 4th Battalion, 9th Dragoons (Duke of Westling’s Own)
      • Lord Alexander’s Light Horse
        • 1st Battalion, Lord Alexander’s Light Horse
        • 2nd Battalion, Lord Alexander’s Light Horse
        • 3rd Battalion, Lord Alexander’s Light Horse
        • 4th Battalion, Lord Alexander’s Light Horse
      • Imperial Artillery Regiment
        • 1st Battalion, Imperial Artillery Regiment
        • 2nd Battalion, Imperial Artillery Regiment
        • 3rd Battalion, Imperial Artillery Regiment
        • 4th Battalion, Imperial Artillery Regiment
      • Blue Guard Detachment
        • No.5 Foot Guards, Household Division
        • No.6 Horse Guards, Household Division

Colonial Detachments[edit | edit source]

There also colonial regiments established in Boreas in Minecraft, such as the Imperial Engineer Regiment.

The Blue Guard[edit | edit source]

The Blue Guards are the elite Imperial Guard Division in the Imperial Army, created to defend the monarch of the Empire, wherever they may be. They are the loyal guards of His Imperial Majesty the Emperor, Constantine IX. The Blue Guards are the best soldiers of each Division, and some of the best fighters, drillers, and agents of the Empire. The Blue Guards are split into six Battalions, as either Foot Guards, Grenadier Guards or Horse Guards all claiming descent from some of the oldest units in the entire Empire. The official capacity for the Blue Guards in total is 100 guardsmen and officers, across all games. Their organization is as follows:

  • Household Division
    • Home Garrison Detachment
      • No.1 Grenadier Guards Battalion, Household Division
      • No.2 Foot Guards Battalion, Household Division
      • No.3 Batalhão de Guardas Granadeiros, Divisão Doméstica
      • No.4 Batalhão de Guardas a Pé, Divisão Doméstica
    • Colonial Detachment
      • No.5 Foot Guards, Household Division
      • No.6 Horse Guards, Household Division

Day to Day[edit | edit source]

Basic Training[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Army is the first nation in Graal to enforce a basic training period for all new recruits. This period is fundamentally an orientation program for members of the Army to adjust to Sarovian culture, lifestyle, personnel and institutions. It teaches the fundamentals of GMC warfare, proper drill, Sarovian history, and more. The purpose of being subjected to this is simple - through stress they will unite and work together. Once graduated, the stories of their time in Basic Training will allow them to bond and have a common history regardless of when or how they joined. Having a common history and feeling, as well as stress through bonding, are great ways to break the ice and allow new recruits to enter the Empire’s ranks.

The Commandant of the Ironwood Military Academy is appointed by the Supreme War Council (specifically, the Director of the Department of Personnel - as of writing this, the Director is Colonel Lelia Kaine) to serve for two weeks. The Commandant is in charge of the Ironwood Military Academy, and controls the English and Portuguese recruits. The Commandant’s role is simple: to make sure all Recruits pass Basic Training.

Physical Training[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Army makes a fundamental difference between qualification trainings such as military exercises, courses such as basic training or officer courses by labelling day to day activities as physical trainings. Physical trainings can take any form of self improvement oriented sources, and Sarovian doctrine offers numerous options to deliver to troops on a daily basis.