Imperial Sarovian Armed Forces

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Imperial Sarovian Armed Forces

The coat of arms of the Imperial Sarovian Armed Forces.


2016; 7 years ago

Service Branches:

Imperial Sarovian Army
Imperial Sarovian Navy


Walker Barracks (Sarholm, I Corps Headquarters)
Atlas Barracks (Sarholm, II Corps Headquarters)

Head of the Armed Forces:

Carolus XIII

Prime Minister:

Visärle Marchwood

The Imperial Sarovian Armed Forces (ISAF) they are the military forces responsible for the defense of New Sarovia and the Commonwealth. They also promote the broader interests of New Sarovia and support international peacekeeping efforts

Since its formation, ISAF has been active in most major wars involving world powers, including May 21st Movement, The First Great War (2017), War of the Third Coalition (2020),Second Saro-Aurean War (2022) and War of Oldenburg Aggression (2023). The victories of New Sarovia in these wars allowed it to influence global events and establish itself as one of the leading military and economic powers in the world. The ISAF consists of the Imperial Sarovian Navy, a blue-water navy with a fleet of 37 commissioned ships, along with renowned fleets such as The Far West Fleet and The Far East Fleet; and the Imperial Sarovian Army, the primary land warfare branch of New Sarovia.

The Royo y Imperad Carolus XIII, sovereign of New Sarovia and other nations of the Commonwealth, is the Head of the Armed Forces, with officers and personnel swearing allegiance to him. However, the longstanding constitutional convention has effectively vested executive authority, through the exercise of the imperial prerogative, in the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister (acting with the Cabinet) makes the main decisions regarding the use of the armed forces. The armed forces are managed by the Supreme War Council (SWC), divided into 5 administrative departments.