The First Great War (2017)

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The Great War

Victory at Kiev, 12th of December.


12 December 2020 - 13 December 2020


Sorrel, Preuze, Kiev, Vurgos, Upper Preuze


New Sarovian Empire
Valeria & Radnus
The State, Astoria, Hakkan & the Horde


Sarovian victory
• State hegemony broken
• Valeria significantly weakened, jealous of Sarovia
• Sarovian domination in Graal
• Great Northern War begins

Territorial changes:

Conquering of north Estos

At the beginning of summer of 2017, the Kingdom of Valeria had controlled almost the entirety of Estos except for the Sarovian territory of Delta and Deadwood. Recent aggressive behaviour from the Astorreich, or the Astorian Empire, led to border disputes between Valeria and Astoria which, in late June, led to a declaration of war. Early on June 23, Valerian legions began a slogging match with Astoria in Snowtown (known as Sorrel). The High King of Valeria, Achilles, offered Carolus a secret plea: to ally with the Valerian kingdom and crush the Zor-Mako’s rival dynasty and the control of Snowtown. Carolus had accepted and agreed to fight the next day, with the plan of tiring Astoria out through alternating combatants. Carolus issued an ultimatum to Kaiser Peter von Rhodes, to lay down arms and retreat from Snowtown, which was promptly rejected.

The Sarovian Army jumped into the battle near the end of June 23rd, but an hour later, the State would jump into the battle itself against Valeria and Sarovia. The two sides would battle for almost forty hours. State forces would use nuclear weapons against Sarovian units, which led to a retaliatory nuclear attack by Sarovia against both Astoria and the State, which believed Sarovia did not possess nuclear capabilities. The Sarovian and Valerian forces would soon achieve victory in Sorrel against the allied forces.