War of Oldenburg Aggression (2023)

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War of Oldenburg Aggression

The frame of the Angelite Surrender


08 May 2023 - Present


New Sarovian Empire, Free City of Oldenburg and Dominion of Carolusburg


Commonwealth victory at Estos and Ostos

Political changes:

The Commonwealth unites against the Free City of Oldenburg due to its threats.

Since the end of the Angelite Rebellion, the New Sarovian Empire and the Dominion of Carolusburg have remained in relative peace. Until a new threat within the Commonwealth itself would come to light, its name is: Oldenburg.

The Beginning of the War[edit | edit source]

Commonwealth Invasion of the Southern of the Continent of Estos
His Most Stefanic Majesty, the Holy Graalian Emperor, visits Commonwealth troops after the victory against Oldenburg in Estos

Early in the morning of the 8th day of AS 305, CISA agents discovered the creation of the "Marlin Alexandrovich" guild in Ostos and received information that this tag existed to hunt down members of the Dominion of Carolusburg. Upon further investigation, it was confirmed that this was the purpose of the tag, and that Oldenburg - the guild responsible for creating the tag - was hiding international criminals wanted by the Commonwealth, of which Oldenburg was a long-time member. The emergency sessions of the parliaments of Sarovia and Carodia voted unanimously, respectively, to ask His Imperial Majesty, the Holy Graalian Emperor, Constantine IX, to remove Oldenburg from the Commonwealth and declare war on it, in order to protect the Commonwealth. After these declarations were approved, the other two remaining members of the Commonwealth - Nekron and Brunetti - voiced their support for the Empire, with Nekron even sending a contingent of troops to support his fellow Sarovians and Carodians. What followed was a rapid series of three campaigns in which all of southern Estos was taken and occupied, with just under 70 Commonwealth troops completely destroying the Oldenburg City Guard who were forced to call in barbarian tribes to have half of Commonwealth figures. His Most Stefanic Majesty, the Holy Graalian Emperor, delivered a heartfelt speech to the victorious Commonwealth troops, after which they returned home in triumph.

Marlin Alexandrovich attacks Ostos[edit | edit source]

New Sarovian Empire and the Dominion of Carolusburg fighting the fleeing Marlin Alexandrovich Bandits.

On the 9th of May, during a patrol by the Royal Carodian Militia, led by His Excellency the Governor-General, Theodor Kinwood, the Militamens were ambushed by bandits from the Marlin Alexandrovich gang, affiliated with Oldenburg, whose own home territory had been rapidly conquered. the night before. The Governor-General, as he had done just over a month earlier during an Angelite terrorist attack, promptly alerted the Imperial Sarovian Navy, which responded quickly under the command of Vice-Admiral Sir John Vasa. A rapid response force of around 10 Sarovians, augmented by 6 Carodian militiamen, were engaged in a brutal firefight against 6 Marlin bandits. After just under an hour of fighting, the bandits fled, abandoning the field completely, after their leader, Boss Alexandrovich (aka Christian Artois-Avidius) admitted that he lost on both continents.

Currently the war between the Commonwealth against Oldenburg and Marlin Alexandrovich is still going on and its future is being written.