Order of the New Sarovian Empire

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The Most Noble Order of the New Sarovian Empire


Order of chivalry




Stefan est notre protecteur ( French: "Stefan is our Protector")


Higher: Constantine Cross, lower: Star of Carolus

The Most Noble Order of the New Sarovian Empire (often called the Order of the New Sarovian Empire) is the Empire’s main order of chivalry in which members of both the civil service and military are inducted into for significant sacrifice to Sarovia. The Order, signified by a blue sash among its recipients, are a series of Knights and Ladies who are sworn in and knighted by the His Imperial Majesty the Emperor.

Organization[edit | edit source]

There are three Ranks of the Order - Knight Grand Cross, Knight Commander and Companion. New members become Companions of the Order, and upon being a Companion for five months, are promoted to Knight Commander. To reach Knight Grand Cross, one must be a loyal knight for a full year. The Most Noble Order of the New Sarovian Empire is dedicated to the image and arms of Saint Constantine, Sarovia’s patron saint. The coat of arms of the Order is a white background with an orange cross.

The Most Noble Order of the New Sarovian Empire allows its members and recipients to show off and indicate themselves to their fellow countrymen and countrywomen. All Knights will gain their sash - a light blue sash draped over their uniform from the right to the left. This sash can go over any uniform other than the gray combat uniform. Likewise, the members of the Order are given their badge - a golden star with a diamond in the centre, pinned to the chest of the recipient. The shield can either be that - a shield, or be directly added onto the Knight’s uniform should they request it.

The Order's emblem is a heraldic collar with interchanging griffons (a mixture of the Reussian Lion and the Nassauvian/Nafetian Eagle) with the motto Stefan est notre protecteur ( French: "Stefan is our Protector") in gold lettering. Members of the Order wear it on ceremonial occasions. Should the order be abbreviated, it should be abbreviated as OSE.

Appointment[edit | edit source]

Appointments are at the Sovereign's discretion, and are usually in recognition of a national contribution, for public service, or for personal service to the sovereign. Membership of the order is limited to the Sovereign, the Crown Prince of Kiev, the monarchs of Reuss and Nassau, and no more than 16 inductees, four of which may be Honorary Foreign Knights, given to foreign members or monarchs. Knights may be kicked out should they be convicted of treason.

Entry into the Most Noble Order of the New Sarovian Empire grants considerable perks to those inside, which can be used to further one’s career in and outside of Sarovia. Some of these perks include:

  • Authority over soldiers or civilians of the same rank and/or status,
  • Free tuition to the Kiev Staff College, and will be saluted regardless if they hold a Commission,
  • Entry into the Imperial Court,
  • Entry into the Assembly of Peers, as well as the College of Princes,
  • A free estate in a luxurious neighborhood in Sarholm,
  • Their own heraldry, with the OSE garter around it,
  • The right to the prefix of Sir/Dame in their name depending on gender, and the post nominal of OSE (eg. Lieutenant Sir John Doe, OSE)
  • Waiving of all taxes as long as they sit as a Knight,
  • Acceleration of promotions in the Imperial Army, and increased likelihood of civil appointments,
  • And increased likelihood to be bestowed a noble title.

Recipients[edit | edit source]

The following are sworn in as members of the Most Noble Order of the New Sarovian Empire:


  • His Imperial Highness the Prince of Kiev, John Vasa
  • The Viscountess Silvestre, Katherine Vasa
  • The 3rd Earl of Nafetia, Sir Jafar


  • Dame Bunny
  • Sir Dylan
  • His Grace the Duke of Preuze, Sir Hankey
  • His Grace the Duke of Poltava, Sir Sevirax
  • His Grace the Duke of Upper Preuze, Sir Edward
  • His Grace the Duke of Bergonia, Sir Henry


  • Dame Jo
  • Sir George
  • Her Grace the Duchess of Sorrel, Dame Brianna
  • Sir Zacline
  • Dame Alyx
  • Dame Rachael
  • Sir Ayman
  • Sir Eliott