Upper Preuze

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Província de Preuze Superior

Province of Upper Preuze

The Flag of the Lord-Lieutenant Province of Upper Preuze


Arle eui Veres, Willow

Chief Minister:

Ministoro-Leddor Klaiden Valorat


Upper Preuzian


Bastion of the North

The Province of Upper Preuze, located in the heart of the vast territory of the New Sarovian Empire, is a region marked by a rural and desolate landscape, where the icy winds of the north blow between hills and valleys, creating an atmosphere of isolation and mystery. It is a place of striking contrasts, where the imposing Fort Carolus stands as a bastion of military power, while the dormant volcano on the isle of Civis Magnus casts a shadowy presence over the landscape.

At the center of this austere province lies the Duchy of Upper Preuze, a land governed firmly by its government. The town, with its robust architecture and dusty streets, is a reflection of its history of resilience and perseverance against the adverse elements that surround it.

Furthermore, Upper Preuze is home to an important mental treatment center, where prominent figures such as the former pretender "King Henry" and the Jacobite leader (Jaime Riesburg) are kept under careful supervision. This hospital, with its massive stone walls and barred windows, is both a symbol of hope and despair for those seeking redemption or refuge from the outside world.

It was during the illustrious reign of Constantine IX Vasa that Upper Preuze received higher official recognition, being elevated to the dignity of a province in acknowledgment of its strategic importance and the bravery of its people. Thus, the official flag proudly waves over the walls of Fort Carolus, symbolizing the determination and resilience of this rugged and untamed land.