Jaime Riesburg

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Jaime Riesburg

A photo by Jaime Riesburg


Jaime Riesburg Nassau, 300 AS


Jacobite Rebellion (2021-2022)
Hanorian Rebels (2023-2024)


Revolution, Terrorism and Assasination

Other names:

"Jacobite Leader"
"Jaime V"

Criminal penalty:

Death penalty

Jaime Riesburg or Jacob Riesburg (born: Jaime Riesburg Nassau) is a criminal wanted by CISA and the community as a whole. Jacob is a member of anti-peace and pro-revolution terrorist groups that have emerged in recent years. Furthermore, he contests the throne of Emperor of Hanor from James VI Wallon-Nassau, implementing, the Riesburgites (followers of Jacob), or, also mentioned Jacobites.