Cape Brianna Infantry Regiment

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Cape Brianna Infantry Regiment

The Colours of the Cape Brianna Infantry Regiment.




Tsu Kinwood


The Cape Brianna Infantry Regiment is the sixth Regiment in the Imperial Army and is home to the Primary Reserve Battalions of the Home Garrison. The Cape Brianna Infantry Regiment traces its lineage to the Regimental System of the Grand Army in 2020 under the 7th Regiment and was stood up as the 2nd Division during the Grand Restoration. A borderline mutiny by junior officers caused the regiment to split, and the remnants of the regiment were redesignated as a Primary Reserve Regiment under retired Imperial Engineer Cincinnis. Its goal is to house Imperial Army reservists, both voluntary and veterans, in case of times of battle and war, and has members of both languages. The CBIR maintains its Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) at Walker Barracks, Sarholm.