Gustavo Kinwood

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Gustavo Kinwood-Campbell


297 AS


300 AS to present


Colonel of the Regimento de Kiev (2023 - present)


Kinwood-Campbell family

Gustavo Kinwood (full name: Gustavo Kinwood-Campbell Teri-Vicenz Linx) is a commissioned officer in the Imperial Army. Gustavo is known for being Colonel of the Regimento de Kiev. Also, across the ocean on the continent of Ostos, Gabriel is a member of the Royal Carodian Militia. In addition, Gustavo is the son of Lanz Kinwood, and the grandson of Theodor Kinwood.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Gustavo Kinwood had several passages through the New Sarovian Empire since his childhood. Gustavo served in the former 4ta Divisão Terrestre of Sacro. But, Gustavo would later abandon Sacro due to his inactivity but in the future would return to the New Sarovian Empire. Gustavo had an essential service in the 4th Regiment, where he was Major, he acted in it being very active, and together with his Colonel, he made the 4th Regiment a power of Sarovia. On the second pass, Jacob and Cia were already very weakened, and he returned to their side. As they were in the process of bankruptcy, he returned as a Major, but he didn't have a very important job.

Sarovia[edit | edit source]

Gustavo in his last fixed passage through the New Sarovian Empire (the current one) developed quickly in the Imperial Army, moving from the rank of Recruit to Colonel in less than 3 months (compliance with all stages) In his third passage, he had a rapid development, going from Private to Colonel in less than 3 months. Currently, Gustavo is Colonel of the Regimento de Kiev and without a doubt, one of the best colonels the New Sarovian Empire has ever had. Furthermore, Gustavo is a football player for the Carodian National Team and also for his heart club, FC Dufort.