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Carodian National Team

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Doss Kinwood

Best Scorer

Theodor Kinwood (16)
Doss Kinwood (16)

The Carodian National Team, administered by the CFF, represents the Dominion of Carolusburg in IFFC football competitions. Founded in April 2023 (same date of creation of CFF), it is considered one of the biggest cultural symbols of the country, it is called "Tourinho" or also "Bulls"

History[edit | edit source]

Commonwealth Cup[edit | edit source]

The Carodian National Team was the first to lift the title of Commonwealth Cup Champion (the highest IFFC title). The Carodians would go on to win their first Commonwealth Cup title against their biggest rivals, the Sarovian National Team. Where, Carodia won under the historic scoreboard of the rivalry with a result of 14-4 in the first game, in the home of Sarovia, in the Lyon Metroplex, and in the second, a result of 9-1 in the home of Carodia, in Ostos. Thus, the final score was under 23-5. An unforgettable victory for Carodia.

But, during Football's early development period, a Sarholm Cup match was held between Carodia and the club FC Kiev (which at the time was the only football team in New Sarovia). Thus, Carodia beats Kiev at home by the score of 9-5, where Theodor Kinwood scored 5 goals and became the top scorer of the competition. However, over time, the Sarholm Cup title came to be considered by the IFFC as a Commonwealth title, that is, a world title. This left many Sarovians furious at the rivalry of both teams.

Commonwealth Olympic Games[edit | edit source]

The Commonwealth Olympic Games is one of the most contested championships for National Teams, but, remaining below the Commonwealth Cup. The Carodian National Team is runner-up at the Commonwealth Olympic Games in the Football modality, where it lost to its biggest rival, the Sarovian National Team with the score of 12-8, at the Lyon Metroplex, Sarholm. The match was historic, known as: "La Paliza", where Park together with Thompson in the opening minutes thrashed carodia. But Theodor Kinwood was fighting for the Carodian National Team, where he scored 5 goals with the aim of seeking a comeback or at least taking the game to penalties. Also, Doss scored 2 goals and Dragon 1 goal in that match. But none of that would help, as Sarovia in the final minutes of the 2nd half would increase their lead to 12 goals. Thus, the match ended with a score of 12-8 and a sad day for the Dominion of Carolusburg and its players.

Rivalry[edit | edit source]

Below you can find the history of the derby: Sarovia x Carodia in all the football matches played between them.

Titles[edit | edit source]

Commonwealth[edit | edit source]

  • 1 Commonwealth Cup: April 2023
  • 1 Sarholm Cup: February 2023
  • Commonwealth Olympic Games
    • Silver Medal: April 2023