9 x 1 - Commowealth Cup, Second Game: April 2023

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La Gloriosa


16th April, 2023

Man of the Match:

Theodor Kinwood


John, Prince of Kiev


9 - 1, Victory of Carodian National Team

Carodian National Team 9 - 1 Sarovian National Team was a football match, held on March 16, 2023 and valid for the Commonwealth Cup Final - April 2023, in which the Carodian National Team won by 9-1 the Sarovian National Team, thus achieving to consecrate itself as the first National Team officially recognized as world champion.

Match[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

The First Leg of the final game of the Commonwealth Cup had been held at the Lyon Metroplex in Sarholm, New Sarovia, the home of the Sarovian National Team. The carodian footballers had to endure the large Sarovian crowd that offended them and made them even more nervous. However, in that match, the Carodian National Team won by the historic score of 14 - 4 with great achievements by Doss Kinwood and Koji, although Theodor only scored 1 goal and gave several assists to his teammates. But that wasn't enough to reassure the Carodia fans.

After the great victory at the Lyon Metroplex, the Carodians got ready to receive Sarovia at home, but this time with a big crowd from the Bulls. The game had started and just after 2 minutes of starting the first stage, Doss Kinwood opened the scoring by scoring a goal for Carodia, where Doss had performed a kick from outside the area. In addition, 3 minutes into the first half, goalkeeper Xavier Lyon scored an own goal, extending the lead to Carodia by 2 - 0. 4 minutes into the first half, Theodor Kinwood, who was being criticized for a possible "bad phase" extended the advantage scoring another goal for Carodia, where, Theodor started from the right end and dribbled the goalkeeper Xavier Lyon (currently goalkeeper of Preuze Protectors) and scored a beautiful goal for Carodia. Soon after, in the 6th minute of the first stage, Theodor scores another goal, and this time, a beautiful shot from outside the area, expanding the advantage to 4 - 0.

After a few attempts to play, the Carodian National Team scores another goal, scored by Doss Kinwood in the 8th minute of the first stage, where, Doss, received a great cross from Theodor Kinwood on the right end, and headed towards the goal, expanding the advantage to a masterful 5 - 0. However, at 10 minutes of the first stage, already in the extra time, Theodor Kinwood scores his last goal in the match, being the first in history to score a Hat-Trick in a Commonwealth Cup final. Theodor took off by the end, dribbled the marking and dug over the goalkeeper. Thus, enacting a 6 - 0 in the first half. That was the worst possible scenario for the Sarovian National Team, which, even losing to its biggest rival in a humiliating rout, did not let itself be discouraged.

In the second stage, Theodor and Doss were replaced and Dragon Kinwood and Gustavo Kinwood took their place. After the Sarovian National Team clear the ball, Park fails to control the ball and Dragon quickly sees the opportunity and steals it. Thus, Dragon starts from the left wing and scores a goal in the first minute of the second half for Carodia. Thus extending the lead to a humiliating 7 - 0. Already at 3 minutes of the second stage, Gustavo started through the center and dribbled the marking, scored his first goal of the match with a shot from outside the area, expanding the advantage to 8 - 0. After a few minutes, Gustavo scored his second and last goal of the game at 5 minutes of the second stage with a shot from inside the area, increasing the lead to 9 - 0. In the face of this, Park, who had been presenting a bad football during the match, at 8 minutes of the second stage scores a goal after a cross from Xavier to the area, where, Park headed and made it 9 - 1.