Regimento de Vurgos

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Regimento de Vurgos

The Colours of the Regimento de Vurgos




Jhon Xavier


The Regimento de Vurgos (RDV) is the second Regiment in the Imperial Army, and is home to the Home Garrison’s Lusophone players. The RDV was first established in 2016 as the 2nd Infantry Division, and fought continuously until its dissolution in 2019. When the Grand Restoration occurred in late 2020, the Regiment stood up as the Second Division once again, though with the Iohannes Reforms of 2021, the regiment was renamed after Vurgos City and transferred to II Corps. During the Jacobite Rebellion, both Lusophone regiments were consolidated into it before helping staff the Regimento de Kiev. The RDV maintains its Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) at Atlas Barracks, Sarholm.

  • Commanding Officer: Acting Colonel Jhon Xavier