New Preuze Province

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Province of New Preuze

The flag of the Province of New Preuze

Governor of New Preuze:

Occupied by the Governor-General of Carolusburg


New Preuzian

The province of New Preuze is located in the territories of the Dominion of Carolusburg. However, under the Territorial and Electoral Reform Act, 2022, New Preuze is an electoral district and is therefore entitled to a seat in the Carodian House of Commons. In addition, New Preuze is a province of Carodian origin, that is, it was created in the colonial period of Carolusburg. New Preuze is not a province very famous for buildings, but during the Second Saro-Aurean War, New Preuze was also the scene of several skirmishes between Sarovians and Aureans. But, these combats would increase during the combat of Carodia-Aurea and Sarovia against the Angelite rebels. It was named after the old Sarovian province of Preuze.