Burvanica Province

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Province of Burvanica

The flag of the Province of Burvanica.

Governor of Burvanica:

Occupied by the Governor-General of Carolusburg



The Province of Burvanica is located in the territories of the Dominion of Carolusburg. Like the other Carodian provinces, Burvanica became an electoral region under the Territorial and Electoral Reform Act, 2022. However, what makes Burvanica different from other provinces is that Burvanica is a province of Auro-Carodian origin. An Auro-Carodian province is a province that has a greater number of citizens of Aurean origin.

Burvanica is undoubtedly one of the most famous cities in the Dominion of Carolusburg, where it had a great famous institution known as the University of Luxford (named after the capital of the province: Luxford). Burvanica also owned the former residence of the late Governor-General of Carolusburg, Richard Lux Vaughn, who also received the title of Duke of Burvanica from His Royal and Imperial Majesty Constantine I and IX.