August-October Term (2022)

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2022 General Elections

August-October Term


D. Henrie Vasa, Duc eui Belbata
Caps Party

Leader of the Opposition:

Hats Party


3/6 by Caps Party
2/6 by Hats Party
1/6 by an Independent


Richard Lux, Duc eui Burvanica

The August-October Term (2022) it was the Dominion of Carolusburg's first official legislative term following the creation of the Royal Carodian Parliament. At that time, parliament contained around 6 seats to be won by the main parties: Hats Party and Caps Party, respectively, Center-Right and Center-Left parties. The Leader of the Western Caps was D. Henrie Vasa, Duc eui Belbata, while the Leader of the Western Hats had not been chosen, being represented by the opposition: Theodor Kinwood and Lanz Kinwood.

Election[edit | edit source]

Candidacy[edit | edit source]

Western Caps selected the following candidates: D.Henrie Vasa, Johann, Alucard, Carl and Juno for the respective provinces: Belbata, New Preuze, Carolusburg, Burvanica, Elster.

Western Hats in turn selected the following candidates: Theodor and Lanz, for the respective provinces: Burvanica and New Preuze. While, uniquely and independently, Perseus ran for Cape Edward.

August-October Term (2022) diagram.

Election Day[edit | edit source]

No dia da eleição, os vencedores foram:

Election Propaganda[edit | edit source]

Below, you can check out an advertisement from the time during the election period: