Holy Graalian Emperor (title)

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Holy Graalian Emperor

Saïntos Rozirre eui Lauterra

The St. Charles Crown (Coro eui Saïntos Carolus) of the Holy Graalian Emperor.


Tel Imperialò y Stefanica Majis pur lan Graza eui Stefan, Saïntos Rozirre eui Lauterra y Protegésse eun Fé

First Monarch:

Tristan I, the Caesaropope

Current Monarch:

Carolus I


Holy City of Tristopoli, New Sarovia, Estos

The Saïntos Rozirre eui Lauterra, originally and officially the Holy Graalian Emperor, in antiquity known as Caesar eui Graal or Imperad eui Graal, is the title given by the Stefanic Holy See through Stefan's will to the ruler of the Graalian race and unifier of the peoples. In 294 AS, the Pontiff Maximus, Innocent I, created through the Papal Bull Inter Coetera the titles of Holy Western Emperor and Holy Eastern Emperor, thus handing it over respectively to the Emperors of the Aurean Empire and the Hanor Empire. The titles initially aimed to preach about the Stefanic Faith on their respective continents, while, the Defender of the Faith, fwould be responsible for defending the Holy Land of Tristopoli.

In 295 AS, after the Second Saro-Aurean War (2022), the Aurean Empire would be annexed to the Dominion of Carolusburg. This historical event would make the monarch, at that time, Constantine IX, become the legitimate bearer of the title of Holy Western Emperor, in which he was marked in history for ending Aurean hegemony in Ostos. Later, after heretical movements were organized by the Hanor Empire against the Stefanic Holy See, Constantine IX would also receive the title of Holy Eastern Emperor, thus, His Holiness, the Pontiff Maximus, Clement I, would grant through the papal bullDecessore Meo the right to unify both titles, thus forming the position in a formal manner Saïntos Rozirre eui Lauterra,currently, under the monarch Carolus XIII.

History[edit | edit source]

The Emperors of the Graal.[edit | edit source]

Do Saïntos Tristame, Imperad eui Graal[edit | edit source]

According to the Liber Stefanicus, after the creation of the Graal, Stefan erected his church and empire under Tristan, who would become the first bearer of the title Caesar eui Graal, thus becoming the first monarch of a unified Graal kingdom. Additionally, Tristan is known to be the first Pontifex Maximus of the Stefanic Church, which led to the merging of the titles Caesar eui Graal and Pope into a single title, known as Caesaropope, sometimes referred to as Imperad y Pontifex.

The Caesaropope Tristan had five children: Carolus I, Xor, Cordias, Timemutt, and Carolus II. This would eventually lead to the dissolution of the unified Graal Empire after his death, where Xor, the heir and eldest son of Tristan, would betray the Stefanic faith. This action resulted in the undoing of the Hammer Inheritance Law, leading to the empire's branching. The South was taken by Cordias, and the North was taken by Carolus I, who declared himself as Royo eui Septentrionis, later Royo eui Roisa. All of this displeased Stefan himself, who, for years, refused to crown anyone other than Tristan as the unifier of the Graal.

Do Saïntos Constaynnos VI[edit | edit source]

The battles of the past left a scarring element on Constantine VI, which had brought himself to two conclusions: the New Sarovian Empire was too large for its own good and that the people of Estos were in dire need of civilisation. As such, the Second Sorrel Community Convention (2018) was passed. New Sarovia would cede all territory outside of the Frederickian Line to other nations, such as Llamania and Burvanica. This was the beginning of the modern Sarovian homeland. This came just before the death and disappearance of both of his brother's sons, the Prince of Kiev and the Prince of Preuze and Upper Preuze Mathiveas. These disappearances crippled the Emperor, who secluded himself often and would only rarely come out in public to hold court. The disappearance affected the Emperor so much he dissolved Parliament to rule by decree in April. The second conclusion led him to force the other nations to acknowledge his sovereignty over Estos, and he was proclaimed "Caesar of Classic" / "Caesar eui Estos" in spring of 2018. He assumed the title as one that could only be bestowed upon a leader who had reigned twelve Stefanic years. Maverians, Burvanicans and others acknowleged this sovereignty, but the public relations disaster led to great public uprising. After repeated victories of rebellions rising against him, Constantine VI firmly held onto power with an iron fist, but the Pax Sarovica was showing signs of cracking. In late June of 2018 (246 AS) Constantine VI held court at Sarholm when he was publicly assassinated when a former Sarovian doxxed him. Constantine VI, humiliated and mortally wounded, refused to perform any functions of the throne for weeks, before officially abdicating his title in favour of his last remaining nephew, William Vasa.

Coronation of Constantine IX as Holy Graalian Emperor.

The Holy Graalian Emperor[edit | edit source]

After the coronation of Constantine IX, as Saïntos Rozirre eui Lauterra, Constantine made his way to the Leda Palace.

After the death of Innocent I, and, eventually, the end of the Second Saro-Aurean War, Constantine IX would become the Holy Western Emperor after his coronation as Aurea Emperor (which would become the title: Royo eui Carodia y Aurea). Furthermore, with the end of the Holy Hanor Empire and the fact that its leaders and heirs became pagan, the new Pontiff, His Holiness the Pope Clement I, would later crown Constantine IX as Holy Eastern Emperor, and, emphasizing this in his Papal bull known as De Sollicitus Rebus, where it granted Constantine IX the right to merge the two titles into just one. Therefore, on December 3rd, 2022, a ceremony was held with more than 100 people present, Constantine IX was crowned by His Holiness, Pope Clement I as Saïntos Rozirre eui Lauterra, the sole and legitimate defender of the Stefanic Faith in the Graal and the unifier of all Graalians. Representatives of the Kaiserreich of Phoenix, Nekron, Oldenburg, Belgium, Hanover, Guardia, and other guilds were present when the Pope placed the Holy Crown of Saint Charles on his head and made the following proclamation: "By the power vested in me by Stefan, I now proclaim His Most Stefanic Majesty, Constantine, First of His Name, Holy Graalian Emperor and Defender of the Faith."

Lista de Monarcas[edit | edit source]

Inscribed within the ancient scrolls, the lineage of the Holy Graalian Emperors unfurls like a sacred epic, each sovereign anointed by Stefan, the deity of the Graal, through the sacred rites of the Stefanic Church. The current bearer of the esteemed title, the Holy Graalian Emperor, is Carolus XIII, known as Saïntos Rozirre eui Lauterra. Their coronation, a divine ceremony, echoes through the hallowed halls of history, a testament to the enduring legacy of the Graal.

Name Portrait Reign Place of birth Duration Notes
1 Tristan I

"The Father of the Graalians"

N/A ??? Estos ??? Tristan I
was the bearer of the titles of Caesar of the Graal and Pope of the Stefanic Church. Thus, Stefan granted the power to merge the two titles into just one: which we call "Caesaropope" (Caesar of the Graal + Pope)
2 Constantine VI

"The Caesar of the Graal"

243 - 246 Estos 3 Stefanic Years Constantine VI & I Vasa
was the second to carry the previous title of Tristan I, this being the title of Caesar of the Graal. Thus, Constantine VI, after his death he was canonized and became a Saint of the Stefanic Church.
3 Constantine IX

"The Unifieder of the World"

Current Holder Estos Current Holder Constantine IX Vasa
is the current holder of the title of Saïntos Rozirre eui Lauterra (Holy Graalian Emperor). This being a merger of two other titles: Holy Western and Eastern Emperor, which refer to Ostos and Estos.

The Holy Western Emperors[edit | edit source]

The Holy Eastern Emperors[edit | edit source]

  • His Imperial Majesty, Jaime III, the Emperor of Hanor
  • His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX, the Royo eui do Sarovianos y Imperad lan Comune Saroviana, Protegésse eun Fé