The Ninety Years War (2016-2023)

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The Ninety Years War

2016-2023 (225-316)

Clockwise from top left: The Wreck of the HEWS Ironclad, The Taking of Valeroche, The Battle of Modena and Constantine IX in the center, The Surrender of the Imperial Landwehr Corps.


225 AS - 316 AS


New Sarovian Empire (Estos and Ostos)
Aurean Empire (Estos and Ostos)


Sarovian Commonwealth victory
Annexation of the Aurean Empire to the Dominion of Carolusburg
• Annexation of the Aurean Ostos' territories
• End of the Aurean Hegemony in Ostos and Estos
• The Creation of the Dominion of Carolusburg
• End of the Loganite Rebels
• End of the Angelite Rebels

Political changes:

The New Sarovian Empire after ninety stefanic years conquers hegemony over the continent of Ostos, previously dominated by the Aureans. The NSE as trump card seizes the Aurean throne and crowns Constantine IX as the first Aurean monarch of the Vasa lineage. The NSE and the Dominion of Carolusburg face the Angelite rebels (led by the pretender Angel Gatz whose claim to the Aurean throne), where they triumph over the rebels.


Vasa Commonwealth:
New Sarovian Empire
Kingdom of The State
Blades of Nekron


The Aurean Empire
• Loganite Rebels
• Angelite Rebels

The Ninety Years' War was a series of conflicts fought between the New Sarovian Empire and the Aurean Empire from 2016 to 2023 (or in Stefanics years 225 to 316 AS). The Conflict originated during the period of exploration of the recently discovered Continent of Ostos, where, during the reign of Constantine IV, the Emerald Town Expedition Corps was created, where they directly fought the New Frontier Republic led by Kevlar Vaughn, this being the first clash between the Vaughns and Vasas, which resulted in the Aureans' victory pushing the Sarovians into the newly created Crown Colony of Westling.

The Ninety Years' War was one of the most significant conflicts in the history of the Graalians. Being the biggest rivalry in history. Two rival dynasties constantly fought for the throne of the rival nation, being a war of both territory and influence.

Forces present[edit | edit source]

The Vasa Commonwealth[edit | edit source]

Though initial conflict began before the formation of the Vasa Commonwealth as such, early conflict was waged through several alliances that the New Sarovian Empire formed, which eventually came to form the Commonwealth. These alliances were both with nations from Ostos and Estos, as well as paramilitant Ostos companies that supplied New Sarovian Empire with armaments. The primary such company was the Atwell Corps (which since its foundation repudiated the existence of the Aurean Empire and its absolute control over the Continent).

However, most of the battles were unilateral. That is, solely Sarovia and Aurea carrying out skirmishes throughout the continent. The Vasa Commonwealth would only become present during the Second Saro-Aurean War (2022), where Blades of Nekron and the Grand Kingdom of the State would participate against the rebel Loganites and the Aureans.

The Aurean Empire[edit | edit source]

The Aurean Empire was the main ruler of the Continent of Ostos from 2016 until 2022, having as an absurd advantage the large amounts of land, and high quality weapons, as well as mass production of ammunition and military equipment. Due to abundant coal on Ostos, for example, Aurea was among the first nations to employ the use of steam-powered warships. The Aurean Empire was also extremely strong due to its elite military units. The Old Guard Corps, a branch within the Imperial Aurean Army, and led by the Aurean Prince Laken Vaughn-Henri, selected the best members of the Aurean Army for the Old Guard Corps. Uniquely innovative for the time, soldiers were provided equipment wages by their government.

Although the Aurean Empire had better equipment and more raw material, the Aurean absolutist and feudal governmental framework made it such that political stability was never truly achieved, and the Aurean House of Lords (HoL) was often embroiled in factionalist conflict. With the quasi-democratic Aurean House of Representatives (HoR) serving to merely placate the people, this led to a disconnect between the aristocratic and working classes throughout the empire.

Loganite Rebels

The Loganite Rebels were a separatist group led by Logan (a pretender to the Grand Kingdom of The State), who were financed by the Aurean Empire in the creation of the Auro-Loganite Empire.

Angelite Rebels[edit | edit source]

The Angelite Rebels were a separatist group led by Angel Gatz (a pretender to the Aurean Empire), who constantly warred against the Sarovian Commonwealth after the end of the Second Saro-Aurean War (2022) for the throne of the Aurean Empire.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The causes of the conflict can be traced to the initial period of Sarovian expeditions into Ostos in 2016, where expeditionary were subject to aggressive guerrilla attacks by Aurean natives. Initial Sarovian claims to the Aurean throne generated further tensions.These tensions eventually boiled to the point of war and the official pretext was the creation of a Sarovian Colony in Westling, was an important Aurean trade region, known as Verdun, and owned as a fief by the Aurean noble House Henri.

Furthermore, Sarovia initially intended to evangelize the continent by preaching Stefanism, which was initially not accepted by the Aurean people, who at the time did not have an official religion, but there are theories that within the Imperial House of Vaughn had cults of the demon Stephane Portha, which would anger the Sarovian cleric, convincing Constantine IV that the Aureans were a threat to be neutralized.

The Beginning of the War: 2016[edit | edit source]

The First Skirmishes[edit | edit source]

Johannes Karl Gustaf Oxenstierna in 2016, he created the Emerald Town Expedition Corps (ETEC) whose objective was to discover whether the Continent of Ostos really existed, and to colonize the region. The proposal was sent to the Sarovian monarch Constantine IV Vasa, who would accept the proposal, thus financing the project with ships, armaments and men. The Journey lasted approximately 1 Stefanic Year, where they disembarked in present-day Westling. After disembarking, the region would be occupied by the Sarovians who they dubbed: "Crown Colony of Westling". This information would later reach the ears of the leader of the New Frontier Republic (NFR): Kevlar Vaughn, "the Dragon of the West". Thus, Kevlar would trigger the NFR to neutralize the Sarovians. Initially, the NFR advance was a failure as the Sarovians had resisted the NFR offensive. This caused the NFR leader himself to go to the occupied location. This process took a long time, after all, the leader of the NFR would be in Valeroche (at that time, the center of the continent of Ostos, being the most populous and richest city on the Continent).

During this period, the famous "Dinner of Sorrows" occurred, where Kevlar Vaughn invited Constantine IV to a dinner at the Aurean base that would be occupied by the Sarovians in the Crown Colony of Westling region (that is, Kevlar would wait 1 Stefanic Year for this dinner happened). 1 Stefanic Year passed, and Constantine IV would arrive, and would immediately go to meet Kevlar who would be together with his officers. This dinner was a complete disaster for the New Sarovian Empire, where Kevlar would try to assassinate the Sarovian Monarch, but was prevented by Rear Admiral Crockett, thus starting the first official skirmish between the NFR and ETEC, that is, between the Aurean Empire and the New Sarovian Empire. The skirmish would initially be won by the Sarovians, but, in a twist, the score would change completely. Kevlar would shoot Constantine IV in the liver, forcing an immediate evacuation. After days of refuge on the southern island of the Continent, a letter arrived via carrier pigeon to Constantine IV that a group of Auelian loyalists would be emerging and threatening the sovereignty of Sarovia, which caused ETEC to immediately set sail from Ostos. to Estos in search of resolving more important issues in the motherland.

Resumption of War under Constantine IX[edit | edit source]

Sarovian victory in the aurean province of Bastille

Background to the War[edit | edit source]

Aurean occupation at the Crown Colony of Carolusburg, in the presence of the Aurean Emperor himself. Also noted in this image is Tsu Bonhart, who would later become Governor-General of the Dominion of Carolusburg.

On March 7, 2021 at 5PM EST, the Aurean Empire led by Aurean Emperor Kevlar IV Vaughn, held a conference at the Aurean House of Lords which was dubbed: "The Rhine Conference", where the rezoning of Ostos was discussed, expanding the claimable territories from just 21 to a number almost triple that size; as well as the formation of a large regulatory body for the Western GMC in the form of a Church. Initially, the idea seemed good, and therefore the wars in Ostos would be suspended until an official Western GMC was reorganized by the nations.

The Rhine Conference, held at the Aurean House of Lords mediated by the Aurean Empire

However, the following day (03/08/2021) at 5PM EST, the Aurean Old Guard Corps would march to the Crown Colony of Carolusburg, established in southern Ostos by the New Sarovian Empire, and issue a declaration of war which would become ignored by Sarovian troops due to the fact that the presence of the Rhine Conference prohibited wars until the organization of a Western GMC. However, the Aurean Empire, which coincidentally would become the mediator, broke this treaty by invading a Sarovian colony, thus declaring a formal war for the first time in 4 years on the New Sarovian Empire.

The platform at the time of official disclosures of the New Sarovian Empire, where the declaration of war was entrusted.

The Declaration of War on the Sixth Aurean Empire[edit | edit source]

Knowing of the atrocities that the Sixth Aurean Empire had committed, Constantine IX Vasa at 10PM EST on March 24, 2021, officially approves the formal state of war between the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions and the Aurean Empire. This would mean that for the first time in a long time, the Imperial Sarovian Navy, more precisely, the Far West Fleet, would go into action to suppress the Aurean threat on the Contient of Ostos, initiating the famous Saro-Aurean Skirmishes that would last until the Second Saro-Aurean War (2022)

The Claims to the Sarovian and Aurean Throne[edit | edit source]

Aurean claim to the Sarovian throne[edit | edit source]

On September 20, 2020, an alleged document would be released in which "Constantine VIII" (a pretender to the Sarovian throne without any legitimacy), would hand over his supposed claims to the leadership of the Aurean Empire through the Act of Abdication and Relinquishment, 2020. Although it was an illegitimate document, it would give the Aurean leadership a taste for the first time in history of the strength of the New Sarovian Empire. According to a famous quote by Kevlar Vaughn:

"When for a brief moment, I claimed the Sarovian throne, all I could feel was its power…radiating through me, a lineage of warriors, scholars, and gentlemen…" - Kevlar Vaughn

This would mean that by the end of the Auro-Amestrian wars, the Aurean Empire would claim the Sarovian throne, with Laken as the supposed "King of the Sarovians". Furthermore, during the reign of Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn, he would deliver false claims to the Jacobite rebels (Treaty of New Fiore) with the aim of harming Sarovian activity, which was a failure as, weeks later, the Jacobites would be completely annihilated.

Sarovian claim to the Aurean throne[edit | edit source]

The first time that the New Sarovian Empire claimed the Aurean throne was during the late reign of Kevlar IV Vaughn, where, in response to the illegitimate Aurean claim to the Sarovian throne, a member of the Vasa family, and descendant of the Vaughns, Michael Vasa -Vaughn, would claim the Aurean throne. This claim would become strong, as Michael was one of the descendants of Nylius Vaughn (Kevlar IV Vaughn's predecessor monarch). This claim would last until the beginning of the reign of Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn, where Sarovia would abandon her claim in order to seek an "unofficial peace" with Aurea.

The Truce under Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn[edit | edit source]

Portrait of Aurean Emperor Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn.

Cassio I assumes the throne of Aurea[edit | edit source]

In 2021, Nylius II Vaughn had put his father, Kevlar IV Vaughn, back on the throne on the condition that his son, Cassio would ascend when he came of age. Kevlar IV had fallen terribly ill in November, and had prematurely given Cassio the throne as a result. This event would completely change the course of Aurea's history. Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn would assume the post of Aurean Emperor, thus proclaiming the Seventh Aurean Empire.

Cassio I took over Aurea in a declining period. Kevlar's sickness had allowed Sarovia to continue expanding into Ostos and Aurean sovereignty in Ostos was be waning. Cassio thus returned Aurea to initiate NFR-era skirmishes against the Sarovians. This process, at first, was a success for the Aurean people, but resulted in several failures in some operations. Furthermore, Cassio I needed to deal with the Sarovian claims to the Golden Throne, which was a great difficulty at the beginning of his reign.

Although Cassio I had significant victories in Ostos against the Sarovians, his reign would be marked by the "Colonial Exploitation of Estos". In other words, Aurea aimed to establish a colony in Estos for the first time in many years with the aim of acquiring influence on the international scene. However, Aurea refused to participate in the true community, thus joining a barbaric organization known as: the Bastion (whose it is worth mentioning that the Secretary General of this organization himself was a member of the Aurean House of Lords, and its administrators as well).

The Aurean Expansion[edit | edit source]

The New Fiore colonial settlement tag. This settlement was recognized by the Aurean government as: "The Aurean Capital in Estos". The Settlement was commanded by Grand Magistrate Theodor, who would later become Governor-General of Carolusburg

It was 2021, and Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn and Constantine IX agreed (even though they were rivals) to start an unofficial peace with the aim of evangelizing the Graalian world, and converting the people to Stefanism - after all, Aurea and Sarovia were the main world powers at the time. This made Aurean sentiment to explore Estos even greater, so Cassio I issued a document which became known as the "Act of Establishment of New Fiore". New Fiore was named after the capital of the Imperial Aurean province, this being: Fiore, being the Capital of the Province of Valeroche and center of the Aurean government.

Emperor Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn along with members of the HoL, and the Imperial Aurean Navy arriving in New Fiore.

In November 2021, the Imperial Aurean Navy consisting of the warships: HEWS Ironclad, HEWS Sovereign and HEWS Mevarus docked at the port of Northern Wilderness, which, within Bastion would become the colonial settlement of New Fiore. The arrival at first seemed a success, until officials from HEWS Mevarus informed Aurean Lord Hizack Lux Bonhart that a nation called Konigsberg controlled the region. This caused Cassio to issue a formal declaration of war, thus initiating a massacre, where, easily, Aurea triumphed under Konigbserg, who, shortly thereafter, lost all of their territories to the Aurean occupation.

The Aurean Eastern Fleet defending itself from attacks by the Empire of Amestria.

Although the occupation was a success, the barbarian order of Azeros attempted an invasion of the settlement, which was a tremendous failure, resulting in several deaths of Azerians, and Aurean hegemony continued to spread. This caused smaller nations to submerge into the Aurean Empire.

On November 28, 2021, for the first time in the history of the Aurean Empire, Aurea had expanded to the point of annexing all provinces available in Bastion. This undoubtedly caught the attention of the Sarovian government, who, although they were dealing with the Jacobite rebellion, needed to keep a close eye on the Aureans. However, something would prevent a direct clash between Sarovians and Aureans, that being: Amestria. The Empire of Amestria would emerge again under Ace I of the Fesslers, who, after the end of year festivities, would begin several attacks on the provinces conquered by the Aurean Empire, including Tristopoli, the center of Stefanism in Estos.

Sarovia rescues Aurea[edit | edit source]

An image depicting the Sarovian reinforcements arriving in the aurean tag: Le Armee de le Est.

These Amestrian (a non-Stefanic nation) invasions caused Sarovia to be angered by the desecrations they committed in Tristopoli. Therefore, since Sarovia and Aurea were in an unofficial peace to evangelize the Graalian people, Sarovia would begin an operation to rescue Aurea, who was surrounded by the Amestrians in MoD Town. Thus, for the first time in history since 2016 they fought under the same tag with the aim of eliminating the Amestrian threat. Therefore, in MoD Town on 12 April 2022, Sarovia and Aurea would emerge in victory under a common enemy. This was the first appearance of the famous: Holy League, which would later be made official by Pope Innocent I.

After the victory, Aurea and Sarovia maintained a "good" diplomatic relationship. However, this would not last long until the release of the Treaty of New Fiore (signed by Aurea and Jacobite leaders), where Aurea handed over her supposed claim to the Sarovian throne to the Jacobite rebels. This angered the Sarovian government, which promised never to fight alongside Aurea again.

Second Saro-Aurean War: 2022[edit | edit source]

The abdication of Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn[edit | edit source]

After the Auro-Amestrian Wars, the Seventh Aurean Empire went into total decline (both in Ostos and Estos) over a period of many Stefanic years. This caused the Imperial House of Vaughn to meet at Valeroche for Cassio I to sign the terms of abdication with the aim of his successor, Kevlar V Vaughn, becoming Aurean Emperor. All said and done, in the presence of Aurean Princes, Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn renounces the Aurean throne and crowns Kevlar V Vaughn as Aurean Emperor through the Instrument of Abdication.

The Auro-Loganite Empire[edit | edit source]

Kevlar V Vaughn, along with some members of his General Staff, left "secretly" at night from the city of Valeroche and sailed towards Estos where they would meet an enemy faction of the New Sarovian Empire, the Loganites. Upon arriving in Estos, Kevlar entered a private room with Logan, the head of the Loganite faction (a rebel group from the Grand Kingdom of the State) where they talked for hours. Until finally, Kevlar together with Logan announce something shocking: a union between the Aurean Empire and the loganite faction, decreeing the Auro-Loganite Empire. The Aurea Empire would become the Principality of Aurea while the Loganite faction would become the Grand Duchy of the Loganite. This obviously angered His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor, Constantine IX & III, as Kevlar would be conspiring against him to help his enemies. Thus, not long after, the New Sarovian Empire issued an Act of Declaration of War against the Auro-Loganite Empire. Thus starting the Second Saro-Aurean War.

Initial Retaliation of the Imperial Sarovian Navy[edit | edit source]

A map of the New Sarovian Empire's colonies and occupied regions, drawn by the Admiralty of the Navy during the start of the Second Saro-Aurean War
Imperial Navy sailors in the presence of Constantine IX and John Vasa

After the New Sarovian Empire declared war on the Auro-Loganite Empire, the Imperial Sarovian Navy was called in to directly confront the Aurean Empire, now the Principality of Aurea. The Imperial Navy docked at the former Colony of Carolusburg where it quickly launched a surprise invasion of the Aurea territories of Olivie, Bastille and Verdun. Where with extreme ease the forces of the Imperial Navy managed to obtain several victories without any initial resistance from the Aureans. In turn, the Imperial Sarovian Navy established an exclusion zone giving a chance of survival to all Aureans who took Westling's first ship and sailed towards Estos where they would be imprisoned in the tower of leda and would pay for their criminal acts. But, the Aureans refused to follow this Exclusion Zone and tried to launch offensives against Sarovians (although they refused to recognize the territories conquered by Sarovia), but, the Aureans were easily defeated and the Imperial Sarovian Navy occupied new regions.

With the great advance of the Imperial Navy, the former Commodore Ajax Artois-Avidius, together with the Admiralty, established a map of the new regions occupied by the New Sarovian Empire as well as the new colonies. Another important point to be noted is that initially, the Imperial Sarovian Navy refused to attack the province of Albion from the Aurea Empire, as it was the former lands of the late Rear Admiral, Richard Lux ​​Vaughn, during his period as Aurean Lord. But, in the future all that would change since Aurea would prove to be extremely hostile towards Richard, totally disrespecting his history and defaming the New Sarovian Empire.

The Beginning of the Collapse[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Army after achieving a victory over the Auro-Loganite Empire.

While the Principality of Aurea was fighting the Imperial Sarovian Navy in Ostos, the Imperial Landwehr Corps of the Auro-Loganite Empire led by the Loganites was experiencing some internal problems. These problems would be the superiority of the Aureans in relation to the Loganite nation, which for their men, was a disrespect to the Loganite population. But, to the dismay of the soldiers commanded by Kevlar V Vaughn and Logan, the General Staff refused to listen to several letters of demands.

The Holy League positioned itself against the Auro-Loganite Empire, thus dominating all the towers of Estos.

Shortly thereafter, the Free City of Oldenburg led by Christian Artois-Avidius, challenged the Auro-Loganite Empire to a battle. An extremely provocative battle with an extremely bold gamble: if Oldenburg lost, they would give Destiny North and South to Aurea. Kevlar was seen seemingly accepting the battle before giving up when allies were mentioned. But when the time for the Kevlar battle came, Vulnus and other members of Aurea refused to accept the battle. The Holy League, then led by guilds such as Sarovia, Nekron, Oldenburg and others, decided to take all of the Grail's towers as a show of strength as the Aurean officers debated going to war. After a majority of the officers voted in favor of a battle, Emperor Aurean refused to fight. A small detachment of Aureans led by Lieutenant Jaxson gathered in the War Room of the GMC and was quickly defeated by the Holy League.

Due to these internal problems in addition to the humiliation suffered by the Commonwealth, the 2nd Grenadier Regiment of the Imperial Landwehr Corps of the Auro-Loganite Empire engaged in a mutiny, thus disregarding the orders of its General Staff and going into a direct confrontation against the Imperial Sarovian Army in Estos, thus they were decimated by Sarovia. Shortly thereafter, the Loganite General Staff would release a letter announcing that the Loganite Grand Duchy would be separating from the Auro-Loganite Empire, thus leaving only the Aurean Empire, isolated and destroyed.

Proclamation of the Dominion of Carolusburg[edit | edit source]

The Proclamation of the Dominion of Carolusburg.
The Grand Battle of the Bastille, 25 July 2022

After the decline of the Auro-State Empire, Kevlar and the remaining members of the Aurean House of Lords turned their attention to Ostos where with a major offensive they managed to recover most of their former territories. But, all that would change when the Imperial Sarovian Navy returned stronger, with new people, with more will to destroy its enemies. Thus, the Imperial Sarovian Navy in a historic mobilization of 25 to 35 Sailors, attacked the North Island of the Aurean Empire starting with the Bastille Province, where from there they attacked all other regions of the Aurean Empire and made them retreat to the Forest of Arbora (formerly Albion), where the Aurean forces along with the Aurean Emperor Kevlar V Vaughn himself surrendered and were captured.

Thus, Kevlar V Vaughn and his General Staff were captured and taken to the HIMS Westling that would sail that same day towards Estos to take Kevlar and his companions to the Tower of Leda, where there, Kevlar could try to make an official peace treaty . But, before Kevlar was taken to prison, he along with his General Staff saw the New Sarovian Empire and its Imperial Sarovian Navy and most importantly His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX, proclaim the Dominion of Carolusburg on the South Island of Ostos.

Treaty of Leda[edit | edit source]

Signing of the Treaty of Leda.

The days passed. Kevlar was about to die in the Tower of Leda if he didn't sign a Peace Treaty. Kevlar knew he would be putting every member of his staff at risk if he didn't try to sign an agreement with His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX. However, a Guard from the Blue Guard Corps of the New Sarovian Empire, delivered a letter to Kevlar which brought news of the separation of the Loganites from the Aurean Empire, where the Loganites blamed the Aureans for poor leadership and an attempt to colonize them. Thus, Kevlar advised that he would be willing to sign an agreement with His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX. But before that, the Blue Guard Corps guards took Kevlar to his Imperial office so that he could write his official pronouncement regarding the separation of the Loganites. Thus, Kevlar issued Imperial Address No.1 blaming the Loganites for the failure of the Empire in Estos.

On the same day that Kevlar Vaughn released his pronouncement, His Imperial Majesty, Constantine IX, invited him to Leda Palace along with the former Aurea Prince, Arnold Avidius, who together with Kevlar Vaughn signed the Treaty of Leda.

Aurea breaks the Treaty of Leda[edit | edit source]

Field Marshal Brandon thus surrenders, handing over the Baton of Marshal Aurean to Commodore Ajax Artois-Avidius, who would take it to the Sarovian government and become a trophy.

On 4 August 2022, the Aurean Emperor Kevlar informed the New Sarovian Empire that they would no longer pay reparations nor adhere to the rest of the Treaty of Leda unless the Sarovian Government apologized for endorsing so-called allegations that he blackmailed and was complicit in the doxxing of many members of the Lucero family. The Government under Prime Minister Ittebrutal immediately ordered the Imperial Sarovian Navy to attack Aurea's territories in the west and decisively defeat them. Declaring war on the only Aurean member who went online, the Imperial Navy took all of Aurea's northern islands with minimal resistance.

Since then, the Aurean Empire has fought several skirmishes against the New Sarovian Empire and the Dominion of Carolusburg. Furthermore, Aurea tried to officially invade the Colony of Westling of the New Sarovian Empire but her troops were completely destroyed by the New Sarovian Empire. Since then, the Aurean Empire has been trying to attack the Sarovain provinces in Ostos and completely disregarding the authority of the Holy Stefanic See.

Coronation of Constantine IX as Aurean Emperor

Annexation of the Aurean Empire to the Dominion of Carolusburg[edit | edit source]

Portrait of Constantine IX Vasa as Aurean Emperor

After the great defeats that the Aurean Empire would be suffering, its Lords together with the Former Aurean Emperor, Cassio I Avidius-Vaughn, fled to the Dominion of Carolusburg to proclaim Constantine IX as: Constantine I the Aurean Emperor. To reinforce this, the former Aurea Emperor, Cassio I, wrote the Act of Reclamation and Relinquishment making Constantine IX the rightful Aurean Emperor. From this, Constantine combined the titles of King of Carolusburg with the title of Aurean Emperor, thus creating the title of Royo eui Carodia y Aurea, making the Dominion of Carolusburg the legitimate successor of the Aurean Empire.

With the annexation of the Aurean Empire to the Dominion of Carolusburg, the Second Saro-Aurean War comes to an end with the victory of the New Sarovian Empire and the Dominion of Carolusburg over Aurean forces. But, this conflict would be far from over and would extend to the Angelite Rebellion.

Angelite Rebellion[edit | edit source]

The First Attack[edit | edit source]

The First Angelite Attack in Ostos, where they were easily defeated by Commonwealth forces.

Kevlar wrote a false document handing over his supposed claims to the Aurean throne to Angel Gatz. Thus, putting it in Angel's mind that he would be the "Aurean Emperor". However, as the false Angel Empire collapsed, the Dominion of Carolusburg (the real Aurea) would be developing technologically and militarily alongside its parent nation, the New Sarovian Empire. Even so, Angel was completely blind with rage and jealousy. Then, Angel along with a group of mercenaries, on October 7, 2022, would attack the forces of the New Sarovian Empire and Carodia-Aurea in a stupid attempt to try to regain his throne. Angel and his mercenaries launched a surprise invasion of the province of Minolia (known as Havstad). In response, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Constantine IX ordered the mass mobilization of the Sarovian Commonwealth, thus 20 people would unite under the banner of the Imperial Sarovian Navy to fight against Angel Gatz's mercenaries (the Angelites). After more than 4 hours of fighting, His Holiness Pope Clement I was called to mediate the battle, and after reviewing the screenshots sent in by both sides, the Pope decided that the Commonwealth had won the battle. Afterwards, Angel repeatedly insulted the Pope and the Church, and due to his faction having done so in the past, the Pope decided to unceremoniously excommunicate him, putting an end to the dispute over the title of Holy Western Emperor and the Aurean throne, which would be recognized as the rightful property of Constantine I.

The Skirmishes[edit | edit source]

Rear Admiral Richard Lux ​​Vaughn commanding the Imperial Sarovian Navy against the Angelite rebels

The Angelites led by the rebel Angel Gatz were proud to the point of not recognizing the borders of the New Sarovian Empire and the Dominion of Carolusburg (Carodia-Aurea). Thus, most of the battles were the result of skirmishes carried out by the Angelites during Saro-Carodian patrols through the Empire's colonial territories and the Dominion lands. Many skirmishes were fought between the Angelite Faction and the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions. But during these skirmishes, an Angelite Lord known as Azerius Henri refused to follow the ruleset of ostos recognized by the Holy Stefanic See and His Holiness, the Pope Clement I. This was a grave insult to the Stefanic Faith, causing the Pope to excommunicate Azerius from the church (later Angel would also be excommunicated for committing various offenses to the pope).

Act of Total and Unconditional Surrender.

The Surrender of the Iron Guard Corps[edit | edit source]

The Angelites internally elected their First Minister, an Angelite Lord known as Fergus Zuravic. Fergus, when assembling his Cabinet, chose Hizack Saint-Spadar as his Minister of Defense responsible for the entire military force of the faction. Shortly thereafter, Hizack Saint-Spadar together with the rebel Angel Gatz initiated a plan to try one last offensive against the Commonwealth to try to regain lost glory. Unfortunately for the Angelites, the New Sarovian Empire alongside its sister nation the Dominion of Carolusburg (Carodia-Aurea) fought valiantly against the Angelites eliminating all remaining threat. From there, Hizack Saint-Spadar along with Angel recognized the humiliating defeat they suffered in Belmont, New Sarovia.

Days later, the angelite government would succumb internally. Thus, seeing the failure in which the faction found itself, the Minister of Defense, Hizack Saint-Spadar, found himself obliged to sign the Act of Surrender of the Angelite Government. Thus, recognizing the Dominion of Carolusburg as the rightful successor to the Aurean Empire as well as the Commonwealth's victory. Thus, Hizack Saint-Spadar along with the Iron Guard Corps surrendered to the Saro-Carodian forces in addition to delivering a CNY as a gift to Vice-Admiral Sir John Vasa, the Prince of Kiev. In addition, the Iron Guard Corps handed over the color of the former Old Guard Corps to the Dominion of Carolusburg which has now become the Royal Militia of Carolusburg. Thus, the war against the angelite faction came to an end with the total inactivity of the other angelite forces.

The End of the Rebellion[edit | edit source]

After the act of surrender, in a desperate attempt to reverse the situation, Angel Gatz begins an operation to attempt a final offensive. This offensive would be a complete failure, and Angel Gatz would even end up being banned from the game by USD (that is, in a desperate attempt to get weapons, he tried to practice USDing to strengthen the rebellion). This caused the Angelites to stop their activities, thus practically ending the rebellion. However, only on April 5, 2024, Angel would sign a formal document agreeing to the total dissolution of the rebellion through the Act of Dissolution. Thus, completely ending the Angelite Rebellion and the New Sarovian Empire's absolute victory in the Ninety Years War.