Patriarch of Vaughn Dynasty (title)

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The Imperial House of Vaughn and
Royal House of Regium


Kevlar I Vaughn (in Vaughn family)
Auel Vulnus (in Regium family)


224 AS

Current Sovereign:

Constantine IX Vasa

The Imperial House of Vaughn, or also referred to as the Vaughn Dynasty (officially as: Regium-Vaughn) founded around 224 AS, is the second and current ruling house of Aurea second only to the Zor-Mako-Vasa Dynasty. For a long time its members ruled the old Aurean Empire from 224 AS to 295 AS. The House was first founded by Kevlar I Vaughn, who received that title through Auel Vulnus. Currently, with the annexation of the Aurean Empire to its legitimate successor, the Dominion of Carolusburg, the Regium-Vaughn Dynasty was handed over to the Vasa Dynasty, to be more precise: to its current sovereign: Constantine IX Vasa.

Branches[edit | edit source]

Vaughn family[edit | edit source]

The Vaughn Family would officially be founded by the father of Kevlar I Vaughn. His name was Louis I, Comte du Vieux Valeroche. From this, the Dynasty would pass under the command of all the monarchs of the Aurean Empire (which was entrusted with the title of defender of the Vaughn Dynasty as it was the main kingdom commanded by the Dynasty). The Vaughn Dynasty during its period of glory directly faced the Zor-Mako-Vasa Dynasty as they were enemies of the Aurean Empire. In addition to worrying about the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions under the Zor-Mako-Vasa Dynasty, the Vaughns needed to worry about keeping their decaying empire alive. Furthermore, the Vaughn Dynasty would undergo a major change when the Regium family was annexed to the Vaughn Dynasty through the accession of Kevlar IV Vaughn. Thus, the Dynasty would be officially renamed to: Regium-Vaughn Dynasty.

Regium family[edit | edit source]

The House of Regium was formed during the early stages of the Kingdom system which at the time was led by Auel Vulnus, who made it his goal to have credible leaders for his family. It later became the royal family of the entire military community when it was united under the Kingdom system. In the beginning, there were three senior officers who were given the name. These people are the leaders of the major guilds in House Regium. Due to the success of House Regium, the bloodline decided to bring in a second generation to maintain the guild after the Kingdom's end. The second generation of the Regium bloodline consisted of Kevlar Vaughn and Grizz Çønsïlm. At this point, the bloodline began planning for the post-Kingdom House Regium. The five members of the line became the senior officers of the newly independent House Regium. However, the guild was short-lived and fell. However, once Kevlar IV Vaughn took command of the Aurean Empire in 233 AS, the House of Regium would officially become part of the Regium-Vaughn Dynasty..

The Annexation of the Vaughn Dynasty to the Vasa Dynasty[edit | edit source]

With the annexation of the Aurean Empire to the Dominion of Carolusburg with Constantine IX Vasa being crowned as Aurean Emperor through the Act of Reclamation and Relinquishment, the Vaughn Dynasty was also conferred on the Dominion of Carolusburg and its monarch. Thus, the official title of: Patriarch of the Vaughns would be created, and consequently entrusted to His Royal Majesty, King Constantine I of Carolusburg and Aurea.