Vasa Crown Jewels

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Vasa Crown Jewels
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Some of the various crowns and jewels belonging to the House of Vasa.


Crowns, sceptres, orbs, jewels and gems, swords, jewelery and more


Sarovian, State, Oxerian, Aurean, etc


34 items

The Vasa Crown Jewels, also known as the Vasa Regalia or Royavoara Vasa (Vasa Regalia in High Sarovian), are the many crowns, robes, sceptres, swords, necklaces and other various expensive pieces of jewelery in the New Sarovian Empire and Her Colonies and Dominions, the Oxerian Empire, the Grand Kingdom of the State, and all the other Vasa realms owned by the Head of the Sarovian Commonwealth, currently Constantine IX Vasa.

Crowns[edit | edit source]

St. Charles Crown[edit | edit source]

The St. Charles Crown of the Holy Graalian Emperor and Sarovian Commonwealth.

Imperial State Crown[edit | edit source]

The Imperial State Crown of New Sarovia.

Crown of the Oxerians[edit | edit source]

The Oxerian crown.

Crown of the Aurean Empereur[edit | edit source]

The Aurean crown.

Constantine I's Crown[edit | edit source]

Crown of Aros[edit | edit source]

Crown of Roisa[edit | edit source]

Sceptres[edit | edit source]

Sovereign's Sceptre[edit | edit source]

The Sovereign's Sceptre, with the biggest diamond in the world.

Sceptre of Charles XII[edit | edit source]

Stallion's Sceptre[edit | edit source]

Empress Brianna's Sceptre[edit | edit source]

Orbs[edit | edit source]

Sovereign's Orb[edit | edit source]

The Sovereign's Orb.

Orb of the Vists[edit | edit source]

John II's Orb[edit | edit source]

Rings[edit | edit source]

Coronation Ring[edit | edit source]

The Coronation Ring is always adorned with the monogram of the reigning monarch before being worn.

Ring of St. Constantine[edit | edit source]

Ring of Cordias[edit | edit source]

Nylius II Coronation Ring[edit | edit source]

Marriage Rings of William I & Emily I[edit | edit source]

Swords[edit | edit source]

Sword of Faith[edit | edit source]

The bejeweled Sword of Faith.

Sword of State[edit | edit source]

Sword of Adoubement[edit | edit source]

The blunt sword of Adoubement.

Sword of Princess Lelia[edit | edit source]

Jewels[edit | edit source]

Bracelet of Divinity[edit | edit source]

The bracelet of Divinity, looted from Xinke the Tyrant.

Spurs of Charles the Equestrian[edit | edit source]

Staff of Sarolus[edit | edit source]

Queen Cincinnis' Necklace[edit | edit source]

Religious Jewels[edit | edit source]

Grail of Stefan[edit | edit source]

Spoon and Bowl of Anointment[edit | edit source]

Necklace of the Cross[edit | edit source]

Robes[edit | edit source]

Imperial State Robes[edit | edit source]

Coronation Robes[edit | edit source]

The Robes for the Coronation of the King of the Sarovians.

Robes of the Aurean Emperor[edit | edit source]

The Robes of the Aurean Emperor.

Commonwealth Robes[edit | edit source]

The Robes of the Emperor of the Commonwealth

Oxerian Robes[edit | edit source]

The Robes of the King of the Oxerians.

State Robes of the Grand Kingdom[edit | edit source]

The Robes of the Grand King.