Carolus VI Zoar

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Carolus VI Zoar

A portrait of either Carolus V or VI.


Spring, 10 AC


Summer of 10 AC to spring of 11 AC


Rex Roisa


Legitimist Zoar branch

Carolus VI (birth: Iohannes Carolus Zoar) was the only son of Adolf Zoar and Maria Atlas and a descendent of King Tristam. Carolus VI was middle aged when he ascended to the throne according to the Historia Sarovianorum, the first purported history of the Sarovian peoples. As such, not much is known about the monarchs it portrays especially in regards to their early lives, and some information is criticised by modern Graal historians, especially Carolus V to VII, as the pages were worn and damaged. As such, the portrait above could be from Carolus V or VI.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

In his early life, Carolus VI was a playboy in the kingdom. He failed to attend meetings with the tutor his father had set up for him, and as an obscure member of the royal family who was never intended to become King, was never even styled with a noble title. He stayed out of politics and affairs of the state - preferring to party and socialize with the rest of the Kingdom. According to the Historia Sarovianorum the King was often intoxicated, so much so that before the reign of Arcadian King Peter Blackfyre in 22 AC, the derogatory term for drunk was “to be sloshed as Carolus Six”.

His uncle, Carolus IV, had become greatly unpopular. Some policies regarding army reform and social structure led to the nobility overthrowing the King in favour of his nephew. Carolus V was forced to become the next Rex Roisa much against his wishes and was crowned in spring. He began to usher in a golden age of Sarovian literature at just the wrong time - people in the temporary settlement up north wished to reclaim their old lands from the State, and Carolus V refused to go to war. At this point and time, Carolus VI was persuaded - perhaps bribed as the methods of persuasion are unclear in the Historia Sarovianorum - to become more interested in the affairs of the state, and settle down. He married Sophie of Civatateo, an exiled heiress of a large family of the State. With her he had a son, named Caros Tristam Carolus Zoar. He had hired the best stately scholars and for three months educated himself in economics and war, promising the people of the Kingdom a war against the State.

Reign[edit | edit source]

After four months of refusing to fight, he publicly challenged the King. After just days of debate, Carolus V abdicated in favour of Iohannes who became Carolus VI. Immediately the new King had declared war on the State, and won four successful battles in the north of Graal - though none of them proved decisive. After a battle on the outskirts of the old city of Sar, those faithful to Stefan and Carolus VI had finally discovered their ancestral home was missing - and could never find its archeological roots.

Carolus VI had pushed his army near the River Nafets, and engaged an army of the State in a pitched battle. According to the Historia Sarovianorum, the skirmishers of the State fired a volley of arrows which were caught by Stefan’s grasp, saving the King from death, but when a Roisan archer was persuaded by the Stephanist influence of Xor and fired at Carolus VI, the arrow lodged under his arm and he was dragged from the battlefield, and died the next day.